1st of May in Chile

Featured image: Revolutionary Front of the People’s (Frente Revolucionario del Pueblo, FRP) banner and International Communist League (ICL) flag hanged up in the peasant areas of Maule. Source: Prensa Chiripilko

Hereby we publish a summarization of the statement and actions published in Prensa Chiripilko for the 1st of May. All the translations of the excerpts are unofficial and ours.

Chile is defined by Prensa Chiripilko as a semi-colonial (mainly of the US) and semi-feudal country, where bureaucratic capitalism is developed. The social classes which have the political power and administrate the interests of imperialism within our country are the big bourgeoisie and the big landlords, with the support of revisionism, which currently is part of the genocidal and country-seller Boric-IMF government. In the framework of these conditions, the FRP activists carry out their revolutionary activities in Chile. In this occasion they carried out agitation actions to commemorate the 1st of May and to encourage the people’s classes towards mobilization and struggle. These actions have been developed in Maule, region of Central Chile, which is “particular due to its high rurality.”

In the report for the 1st of May the relevance of the countryside is mentioned, as it is “one the most important scenes”, but at the same time, “the most forgotten and underestimated by revolutionary forces.” By having this in mind, they analyze the relevance of the peasants, seasonal workers and workers in Chile, and within it, in Maule. They denounce the high figures of informal work for example, or the contracts in which if a worker does not go to work due to circumstances that are not under his control, he is not getting payed. Additionally many other bad conditions are added, such as the ones caused by tough work, in the open air, and exposed to the weather and toxic products used at the countryside, or the lack of hygiene and of proper food or drinkable water. The figures of accidents at work in the countryside are very high compared with the accidents in all other jobs. The activists have put up posters demanding the improvement of conditions of those who are exploited at the countryside.

Regarding the elections they denounce “semi-feudality is expressed in several ways, it being one of the pillars of oppression of the ruling classes against our people. To exercise this oppression, the old State, as a tool of the big bourgeoisie and the big landlords, it has several mechanisms and institutions. One of the most important are the municipalities given their character of control and exercising power on a local level, both at the countryside and in the city.” They compare the mayor in peasant areas with the big landlord which has a latifundium. The mayor is fundamental to contain the people’s rebellions, and therefore fundamental for the Old State. Due to this the FRP activists also have put up posters for the election boycott to the upcoming local elections which will develop in Chile.

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