Brazil: Long live the Day of Proletarian Internationalism!

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement of Liga Operária.

Liga Operária greets all the heroes and heroines of the people who shed and continue to shed their generous blood in the struggle for the emancipation of the class, like the workers of Chicago – USA, murdered in the days of struggle on the historic May 1st, 1886. We celebrate ardently the Day of Proletarian Internationalism, a date celebrated by all the people’s fighters around the world: Albert Parsons, Louis Lingg, Adolf Fischer, George Engel, August Spies, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe (in the image above) are heroes of the international proletariat and will always be present in our struggles! Let us remain firm in the fight, organizing ourselves and taking our destiny in our own hands!

We greet the international proletariat and the popular masses around the world! We effusively greet the Heroic Palestinian Resistance, an example and inspiration of strength and optimism for the World Proletarian Revolution! We greet the masses organized and led by proletarian vanguards in People’s Wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines!

Palestine Resists! Palestine Will Win!

The heroic Palestinian people face and impose resounding political and military defeats against the Zionist State of “Israel”, supported and armed by Yankee imperialism (United States). After more than 200 days of genocidal aggression that has as its main targets the civilian population, women and children of Gaza, the almost 40 thousand deaths have not intimidated the Palestinian National Resistance! The Palestinian people, led by the Islamic Resistance Movement – HAMAS, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – PFLP, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine –FDLP, Palestinian Islamic Jihad – JIP and other political and military organizations, are engaged in armed struggle of national liberation and will emerge victorious, expel the invading Zionist troops from Gaza and conquer a free Palestine from the river to the sea!

The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people and their National Resistance prove that the masses can conquer Power through revolutionary violence! They prove that imperialism can be defeated and that the decisive factor in wars is men and not weapons! They prove that imperialism is a paper tiger, that the masses are all-powerful and power grows from the barrel of the gun! The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people demonstrates that we have entered a new period of revolutions, which places on the agenda the possibility and challenge of defeating imperialism and its lackeys and building a new world!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Fight pro-government tendency and illusions!

Who governs the country?

After a year of government, Luiz Inácio’s promises proved to be electoral demagoguery. The no-repeal of the labor reform is not even commented on and who runs the country is the parliament controlled by Lira and the “center”. The PT leaders themselves already assume that their government is “center-right” and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the sell-out and pro-government union centrals to deceive the people. Workers are understanding every day that the only possible way to defend their rights and interests is their combative and independent struggle!

It is right to rebel!

All support for the strike of professors and technicians in universities and educational institutes!

There are already dozens of universities and hundreds of high schools participating in the strike movement! The adhesion of professors across the country to the national strike from April 15th, adding to the day of struggle of technical-administrative workers, marks a new moment of growth in the adherence and combativeness of the movement that is progressively incorporated by the student movement.

Occupation strike at UFF in Niterói – RJ

This new torrent of indignation that is shaking Brazilian universities is an urgent response from the academic community and the Brazilian people against the successive cuts of funds, scholarships, attacks on student assistance and the imposition of privatist policies such as distance education (EaD), with the scraps and attacks on the right to study, learn, teach and produce science in the country!

Workers, students and everyone else have no other way than to fight teeth and nail! Defending the public university is defending the technological and scientific production of our country! It’s defending public education for the people’s children and the national sovereignty of our country! In defense of public universities and education, rebelling is fair!

Strengthen and expand the worker-peasant alliance!

Mãe Bernadete Camp – Carinhanha -BA

In the countryside, the main scenario of the class struggle in our country, peasants, quilombolas and indigenous people impose a combative resistance to the reactionary offensive of the “agrobusiness” latifundium who continue to be emboldened, committing all kinds of crimes against the country and the people with impunity. The combative peasant movement opposes this reactionary big landowners’ offensive, multiplying land seizures, with dozens of occupations demanding the expropriation of latifundiums and the distribution of their lands to peasants.

A bloody police and paramilitary repression of landowners seeks, in vain, to stop this just and unstoppable struggle for land, through murders and persecution. A great example of the combativeness and persistence of the struggle for land in our country are the fierce and victorious battles of the peasants of Camp Mãe Bernadete, organized by the League of Poor Peasants in southern Bahia. Liga Operária greets the sacred struggle for land in our country, expressed in the ongoing agrarian revolution, and takes it as an example of daily combat strengthening the strategic and vital worker-peasant alliance!

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