Declaration of the Committee for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the declaration for the 1st of May published in Periódico Mural.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



To the working class and toilers

To the democratic and independent unions


Our class, called to be the grave-digger of capitalism-imperialism, it is reviewing its forces around the world. Billions of proletarians are taking the streets on this day and they are firmly embodying the words of the great Friedrich Engels: as one army, united under one flag. The peoples of the oppressed nations stand up with courage along with the proletariat. They suffer in their own flesh the flames of imperialist aggression and plunder.

To commemorate the day of the proletariat and to firmly uphold its historical program it is absolutely necessary in the midst of the deepening of the general crisis of imperialism, which origin is none other than the relative overproduction of commodities that leads the imperialist States to collusion and contend to maintain their perverse world order at the cost of the sweat and blood of the workers and peoples.

We must observe how the imperialist powers and superpowers collude around anti-workers and anti-popular policies by discharging the weight of the crisis over the backs of the masses. We must observe how these same imperialist powers and superpowers enter into contend with each other and against the peoples for the new division of the world through multiple places such as the war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine that already exceeds two years; or the war of occupation and the genocide against Palestine, extending the conflict to the entire Middle East in the hands of the Zionist war-mongers. In that same context Our America faces the new interfering and militaristic plans of Yankee imperialism as can be seen in countries such as El Salvador, Ecuador, Argentina or Haiti. Our country also does not escape it either, on the contrary, during the last four decades the different governments in turn have reinforced the semi-colonial burden that weigh on Mexico acting as lackeys of gringo imperialism.

The AMLO’s government has not been the exception, the recent approval of the entry of US troops to national territory that would be training the Mexican army is an unprecedented reflection of this, as well as agreements such as T-MEC and the migratory agreement they make of our country the largest border control post at the service of the US. In the same way the mega-projects of plunder an death, the badly named “Maya Train”, the Inter-Oceanic Corridor of Tehuantepec Isthmus, the Morelos Integral Project, among others, where Yankee imperialism has the command of everything in a perfect way, in collusion with different imperialist powers that play a second and until third place in the semi-colonial domination of our country. As we have explained before, the balkanization of the national territory in the hands of the paramilitary groups and the warlords fulfill the double role of deepening semi-feudality through a ruthless regime of serfdom, establishing territorial fiefs that finally serve to justify the interventionist speech against Mexico.

Now in the midst of the electoral circus for the election of the 2nd of June, the big bourgeoisie has to see which of its candidates and which of its factions will have the blessing of Yankee imperialism, which actually is the big elector. No candidate points against the economic ruin of the masses, no candidate points against militarization, no candidate points against the terrible war in Mexico which has left hundreds of thousands of people murdered and missing. The answer to this is simple: no candidate does it because none of them are interested; to do it would be to go against the decisions of their imperialist masters and that will never happen.

No one must be confused: none of the three candidates of the regime, regardless of their sex or party affiliation, represent any alternative of anything for the workers and peoples. The three completely personify the scheme of oppression and exploitation of bureaucratic capitalism against the masses.

What we have pointed out in the CALL TO THE WORKERS AND PEOPLES FROM MEXICO BEFORE THE ELECTORAL SCENE , besides being clear is still totally relevant.

Regarding this 1st of May, we consider that the organizations of the proletariat and the workers, particularly the independent and democratic unions which for decades have given life to the workers-union movement of our country, and which in the most terrible hours of tyranny and repression knew how to firmly maintain the struggle of our class, should today more than ever, unify their tasks around the construction of a powerful Proletarian Unity Movement that breaks with parliamentary cretinism and class collaboration. This means: break with opportunism, reformism and revisionism of all kinds, which act as firefighters of the revolution within the workers movement.

Today the struggle of the proletariat must be raised against the lack of necessities, for the increase of wages, for the right to strike, for collective agreement, for the return of the right of retirement and retirement benefits for all workers, for the freedom of association and union autonomy, etc. But they must also raise these demands to political struggle to stop the war against the people and to stop State terrorism. That means also to struggle against the militarization of the country and against the imposition of imperialist mega-projects of plunder and death. Struggle for justice for the victims of State terrorism: for the presentation with life of the disappeared, for punishment to the murderers of our people, for the freedom of political prisoners, for the safe return of the displaced, etc.

All of this demands from the workers’ movement and the toilers to seriously consider the need to unify their struggles with the struggles of the poor peasantry, of the indigenous-oppressed peoples and the deepest masses of our people. This claims to discard illusions and prepare to fight, building an own agenda, independent of the times and electoral campaigns of the regime, showing at the streets the right class slogan in this and the following period of struggle: Whoever governs, the rights of the people are defended!


Today the central task of the proletariat in our country is to firmly assume the reconstitution of the heroic combatant of the class, that is: the Communist Party of Mexico, from the perspective of proletarization, bolshevization and militarization of the forefront for the revolution.

Moreover, there are two slogans of action that are present in Assemblies, Meetings, Forums and all the popular unity spaces built from below: 1) Stop the war against the people, and 2) Boycott the bourgeois electoral farce.

It is imperative that each conscious worker, that each dignified worker and each union or popular organization that it is left-wing or revolutionary, take position on it.


Committee for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico

1st of May 2024.

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