France: demonstrations of 1st of May 2024

Feature image: demonstration in Paris, France, 1st of May, 2024. Source: La Cause du Peuple

We publish an unofficial translation of the report on the 1st of May of La Cause du Peuple.

In Paris, an anti-imperialist cortege gathered the youth organizations Jeunes Révolutionnaires (JR) and Ligue de la Jeunesse révolutionnaire (LJR) together with the Student’s Union Federation (FSE) and the High School Students Union (SELA-CGT). The cortege also had the presence of the comrades of Partizan France.

In Lille, la Cause du Peuple together with FSE, the Undocumented People Committee (CSP59) and the strikers of Emmaüs marched together. The main chants were in solidarity with the peoples of Palestine and Yemen and also to demand the legalization of the undocumented people.

In Caen there was a demonstration that payed tribute to the deaths in Palestine, and the Indian revolution. Recently, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) announced the death of 29 combatants of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) which they lead.

In Rennes, la Cause du Peuple together with FSE, JR and Anti-Racist Revolutionary Action (ARAR) and Palestinian Horizon organized an anti-imperialist cortege. In the cortege the solidarity with Palestine and the struggle of the Kanak people was particularly strong.

Cortege in Strasbourg together with LJR and FSE.

Cortege in St-Etienne together with LJR, CGT and the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (CUPLGIA).

LJR’s banner in Toulouse.

Cortege of la Cause and JR in Limoges, together with FSE.

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