Red May Day in London and Netherlands

Featured image: Red flag with hammer and sickle being held up. Source: Red Flag News.

The 1st May have been celebrated in London, Britain, and also in Netherlands.

Revolutionaries have reported on the mobilization held in London. The 1st of May has been “marked with a heightened anti-imperialist and revolutionary spirit”. Partizan readers and revolutionaries which responded to the Editorial Board of Red Flag News’ call attended to the march and carried out their banners and flags.

Red Flag News also report on “workers across Britain blockaded various Israeli arms factories to prevent them operating.” The revolutionaries in Britain highlight the ties between the intensification of the anti-imperialist struggle and this 1st of May, being clearly shown how the British workers reject the high support given by the British government to the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel.

Workers blocking Israeli arms factories on the morning of 1st of May. Source: Red Flag News

We have received also some pictures from a demonstration held in Utrecht, Netherlands for the 1st of May. The demonstration was organized by different groups and there were cultural contributions from Filipino migrant groups, Palestinian solidarity collectives and Communists.

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