Denmark: New Website Launched

We publish an unofficial translation of an article published by the new Danish revolutionary news site Røde Fane (Red Flag) on the day of its launch, the 3rd of May.

We launch Røde Fane!

It is with great joy that we today can present the launch of our website: Røde Fane!

Røde Fane is a revolutionary news site, with the purpose of bringing news on developments of both the international, as well as the national, class struggle. Our editorial board consists of journalists and activists who have united on a Maoist basis to bring news and information to people, regarding subjects we find very interesting and important.

We find sites such as ours very important in a time where the ruling class in increasing degree forces through its consensus and slander popular movements and struggles. We therefore wish to form a revolutionary opposition to this and bring news, that precisely are in the interest of and service to the people and that support and spreads opinion for the struggles of the people both in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Our website is not an organization, and thus we do not claim responsibility for any actions or activities we might share. All our efforts are non-profit and all our work is exclusively done pro bono.

Our goal is not to be first with the latest news, but instead bringing news that cut through the illusions of the ruling class to serve the development of the Proletarian World Revolution.

We are very open for contributions of any kind, but reserve the right to only share what is in correspondence with our common principles.

All readers are more than welcome to contact us here if they wish to contribute to the website or join the revolutionary work in Denmark.

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