Update on those imprisoned after the resistance of the 1st of May in Istanbul

Featured image: Those imprisoned after the resistance on the 1st of May continue their resistance in the Silivri prison. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

252 people have been detained so far since the 1st of May, when thousands of people struggled against the police in Saraçhane to march to the Taksim square. In addition to repressing those who defied the ban, the police carried out a special attack against the image of the communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the organization Youth Committee who denounced the trade between Turkey and Israel. 49 people, including 6 Partizan readers, have been incarcerated and taken to the Silivri prison. They continue their struggle and together with other political prisoners saluted the 1st of May resistance by banging on the doors and shouting slogans.

Partizan has made a press statement demanding the release of the 49 revolutionaries, displaying a banner with the slogan “Free the May 1st Prisoners! Taksim belongs to the people! Neither defending Palestine nor Kaypakkaya is a Crime!”. In the statement, the unlawful ban on demonstrations on the Taksim square and the massive repression set up to guard it were again denounced as well as the repressive operations started in the aftermath. The hypocrisy of the Turkish State regarding Palestine was also condemned. The torture of those detained and imprisoned was denounced, as well as that they have been slandered as terrorists in the media and through this the unlawfully extended detention periods have been justified.

“The steps we took to transform the revolutionary will into a mass will were embodied in the Saraçhane resistance. We stand with our comrades. Let our 49 arrested comrades and friends be released! We call on all our people to embrace our comrades, our comrades’ struggle and May 1st. Taksim belongs to the people!” the statement concluded.

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