Protests in solidarity with the 1st of May prisoners

Featured image: Various organizations demanded the freedom of the 50 1st of May prisoners. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Kadıköy, Istanbul, various organizations took part in a demonstration on the 11th of May demanding the release of the 50 people who have been imprisoned so far on the 1st of May and during the repression that followed. Banners with slogans demanding the freedom of the prisoners and upholding the 1st of May, the right to march on the Taksim square, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the defense of Palestine were carried. In the speech the poor working and living conditions were highlighted and it was denounced that the people are not allowed to protest against these conditions. “Despite all the obstacles, violence and black propaganda, the will of thousands to march to Taksim could not be broken,” it was said.

Protest in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Also in Basel in Switzerland, Stuttgart in Germany and Innsbruck in Austria protests were held, upholding Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and declaring that repression will not intimidate Partizan.

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