The genocidal aggression as well as solidarity with Palestine grow

Featured image: demonstrators enter the campus of Ottawa University. Source: Ashley Fraser

The State of Israel, supported by imperialists, mainly Yankee imperialism, continues its genocidal policy in the Gaza Strip. Recently it has given the order of evacuation of more parts of the city of Rafah, and it has intensified the bombardment against the city and other Palestinian cities such as Jabalia, where today Israeli tanks have entered after an intense bombardment. The struggle is sharpening not just near Rafah but also in the Northern Gaza Strip, even though the State of Israel stated a long time ago that the Palestinian resistance was defeated there. The Gaza Civilian Defense reports today that the hospitals of the Northern Gaza Strip are not functioning anymore. So far there are two million displaced people in Gaza, and 80,000 of them have fled from Rafah to Deir Al-Balah in Central Gaza. Also the displaced from Northern Gaza are going towards this direction. So far at least 35,034 Palestinians have been murdered by the State of Israel in Gaza, in addition at least 78,755 have been injured.

The crimes of the State of Israel are being revealed, week after week. After more than 40 days, more corpses are being discovered at the mass graves close to hospitals, mainly with the al-Shifa hospital. So far 520 bodies have been discovered but they expect to discover more. When this was first known, we wrote an article on it:

The UN agency UNRWA, reports about its schools in Khan Younis being completely destroyed by Israeli bombardment. Usually these schools were being used as a safe place and shelter by many Palestinian families and children.

Some media have reported on recruitment programs which address to young people from outside of Israel, in order to recruit mercenaries. These mercenaries receive benefits such as resident allowances in the State of Israel, double salary of what is usual for common Israeli soldiers, etc. There are multiple organizations which seek to recruit these mercenaries or to gather funds for Israel such as Sar-El, Garin Tzabar, Aish Malach, Friends of IDF, etc.

The crimes of the Israelis and the imperialists also continue in the West Bank, where Israel has launched an arrest campaign. This Sunday the IDF have murdered a Palestinian youth during a raid in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. Additionally they carried out raids in Jenin and Qalqilya again. In all these places the Israeli troops are facing great resistance from the Palestinian youth. Today the refugee camp in Arroub, near to Hebron, was also raided. Moreover Israeli settlers have attacked and torched the house of a Palestinian family in Duma, occupied West Bank.

The National Resistance Front of Palestine has condemned the role of Yankee imperialism and its Arab lackeys because of their silence on the Israeli crimes, stating that “some of the countries even collaborate with the regime as has been revealed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”. The Palestinian resistance continues its fierce struggle in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood and has recently reported on a partial withdrawal of the IDF from several parts of the neighborhood.

The National Resistance Front of Palestine continues bombing Israeli positions. The al-Qassam Brigades have reported on new bombardment operations against Beer al-Sabe, as a response against the massacres perpetrated by the Israelis in Gaza. The city of Askalan has also been hit.

Hezbollah reports on new attacks against the State of Israel. Media on the ground report on the IDF failing to intercept projectiles which have hit the military base of Beit Hilel as well on positions of the Iron Dome, disabling some of its facilities. A footage on these military operations has been published:

The Lebanese group has also published another report of recent military actions and a video of new attacks on the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Shmona:

More mobilizations against the aggression on Rafah and in support of Palestine have been carried out these days. We are regularly reporting on them.

In Limoges, France, Jeunes Révolutionnaires has made a graffiti in support of the Palestinian Resistance.

“Long live the Palestinian Resistance!”. Source: Twitter account of La Cause du Peuple

In Malmö, Sweden, once again there have been demonstrations against the Eurovision concerts. The Swedish, Norwegian as well as Danish police have brutally responded using pepper spray and repressing and arresting demonstrators.

Police officers repressing the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. Source: TT News Agency/Johan Nilsson

In Ottawa, Canada, the demonstrators took the campus of the university of the city. There have been 31 weeks in a row with demonstrations for Palestine in the city. Additionally since the 29th of April there is a pro-Palestinian encampment at the university campus.

In Madrid, Spanish State, there has been a demonstration which gathered around 4,000 people. Representatives from Palestinian youth organizations stated that “recognizing Palestine would be within the framework of the Oslo agreements, which is humiliating. The government will try to portray this as a victory for the Palestinian people, but actually it is a victory for the imperialist interests.”

Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Madrid. There is a banner in support of the Palestinian resistance. Source: 20 minutos

In Lisbon, Portugal, last Saturday thousands of people took the streets to demand a Free Palestine and the end of the genocide in Gaza.

Demonstration in Lisbon in support of Palestine. Source: António Cotrim/Lusa

In Dublin, Ireland, students have established a pro-Palestinian encampment in Belfield campus. This is added to the other encampment in another university of the city, at the Trinity College.

Students take the campus of Belfield. Source: Martha Nai Riada

In Palermo, Italy, a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine and against the attack on Rafah was held. The demonstration gathered hundreds of people.

Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Palermo. Source: La Repubblica

On the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo, recently there was a demonstration with Palestinian flags and the protesters shouted the slogan “Boycott Israel!”.

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