Combats in Jabalia intensify. The peoples of the world support Palestine

Featured image: demonstration in Amman, Jordan. Source: The Nation

The genocidal operation of the State of Israel, supported by the imperialists, mainly Yankee imperialism, continues. In the Gaza Strip 35,091 Palestinians have been murdered and another 78,827 have been injured. In the last 24 hours, 57 people have been murdered and another 82 have been injured. Additionally yesterday 15 Palestinians were detained in the West Bank, and already 8,725 Palestinians have been detained since the 7th of October. Since the beginning of the attacks on Rafah, the occupying Zionist forces have also started a new attack on the Northern Gaza Strip, against the refugee camp of Jabalia. The population there has faced constant bombardments and raids with armored vehicles. During the whole last night and today, the refugee camp has been bombarded by the Israeli forces.

Every day the lies of Israel are unmasked and new crimes from them and from the imperialists are discovered. The State of Israel recently claimed there are safe zones in the Gaza Strip for the displaced. However, the UNRWA clearly stated that this is a lie and there are no safe zones in the Gaza Strip. The attacks by the State of Israel are indiscriminate and Rafah and Khan Younis were previously declared as safe zones but this has not prevented them from being hit by bombardments and assaulted by the Israeli forces.

The National Resistance Front of Palestine continues resolutely to combat and resist and the Israeli forces are suffering high losses in the current assaults on Rafah and Jabalia. So far the State of Israel has admitted 50 injured soldiers in a single day. Among the injured there is a Brigadier General. The fierce resistance stands out in the neighborhood of al-Zaytoun in Rafah, and in Jabalia. The Al-Qassam Brigades have recently released many videos of their actions against the occupying Israeli forces in Jabalia:

On the first action Palestinian fighters can be seen while they are shooting on Israeli forces:

On this second action there is a drone dropping a mortar shell on a Israeli Merkava tank:

The group Hezbollah continues to carry out actions and it has stated that they have attacked new Israeli military targets. In these actions they have used a new heavy rocked called Jihad Mughniyeh. During Monday they attacked several military Israeli targets, such as outposts of Division 91st and they have caused casualties among the Israelis. They have also targeted a Merkava with an anti-tank missile, and the Israeli media reports on four Israeli injured. On this same day they have targeted barracks in Birkat Risha, Branit and Al-Jerdah. All these targets are located along the Lebanese border.

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has launched a cruiser missile Arqab on Saturday against the military airbase of Ramon. The Islamic Resistance stated that this attack was aligned with the ongoing resistance against the occupation, with the support of Gaza and as a response against the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians.

Ansar Allah (also known as “Houthies”) continues its activity in solidarity with Palestine. During the last weekend it has launched until five drones against ships of imperialism. Recently the Yemeni group stated they would target any ship at their range and linked with the State of Israel.

Additionally the Yemeni people is showing its support of the people of Palestine. This Saturday the students, academics and workers of the University of Sanaa made a rally in solidarity with the students in US and Europe who are opposing to the genocide perpetrated in Gaza by Israel and the imperialists.

Rally at the University of Sanaa. Source: SABA

Since last time we have reported, there have been more actions in solidarity with Palestine. Here we report on some of them.

In Jordan every Friday the people takes the streets to support the people of Palestine. Additionally these weeks the students are taking the streets and also the university campuses and protesting against the aggression on Rafah.

Demonstration in Amman, Jordan. Source: The Nation

In Lille, France the actions in solidarity with Palestine continue with strength. The students from the Student Union Federation (FSE) have collected funds for Palestine and made propaganda in support of Palestine.

Also the Palestine Lille Committee have been present in a demonstration along with other forces to demand the end of the ties between the French universities and the State of Israel and to denounce the repression suffered at the University of Lille.

In Nantes, La Cause du Peuple will hold a football tournament in support of Palestine.

In Oslo, Norway, this Sunday 12th of May the Zionists organized a rally “against the hate towards Israel”, gathering hundreds of people and being protected by the Norwegian repressive forces. At the same time hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered to show their support to Palestine. Kampkomiteen actively participated at the mobilization:

In Berlin, Germany, on last Saturday a pro-Palestinian demonstration was held and marched from Kreuzberg until Neukölln under the slogan “Solidarity with Palestine, stop the war, no weapons for Israel”. The demonstration gathered around 1,500 protesters and the German repressive forces detained 39 people.

Demonstration in Berlin to support Palestine. Source: Fabian Sommer/dpa

In the US more student protests have been held and marked numerous graduation ceremonies at many universities. There, activists and students have protested and boycotted the acts and clashed with the police who protected these ceremonies.

Clashes between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and police officers at the graduation ceremony of the Pomona College, Los Angeles. Source: AP Photo/Ryan Sun

The pro-Palestinian encampments are still present at many campuses and they continue resisting the numerous aggressions by the repressive forces and the Zionists. On the afternoon of Sunday the 12th of May there was a Zionist march towards the pro-Palestinian encampment of the University of Washington, Seattle. There the pro-Palestinian activists clashed with the Zionists and the repressive forces.

Clashes at the University of Washington, Seattle. Source: KIRO Seattle

In Athens, Greece, last week there was a protest in support of Palestine and against the aggression on Rafah. The demonstration gathered several hundreds of protesters and was in front of the Parliament and there were clashes with the police when the protesters attempted to climb the walls of the Egyptian embassy.

In Italy there have been several mobilizations on the last days:

Recently there have been many actions in solidarity and protest in Torino: on Saturday 11th around 300 protesters held a rally in front of the Lingotto Fiere, where the Torino Book Fair was celebrated, which was strongly protected by anti-riot police.

Today the university students of Torino have taken the Physics faculty in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Banner at the Physics faculty. Source: La Repubblica Torino

In Milan a rally was held in front of the Polytechnic university.

Rally in front of the Polytechnic university. Source: Gazzeta di Parma

In the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, pro-Palestinian protesters have once again taken the campus. Hundreds of demonstrators took the buildings of the university and they remain there from the beginning of the day until now.

In Sidney and Melbourne, Australia, several pro-Palestinian marches have been held on the last Sunday. The marches gathered thousands of demonstrators.

Big demonstration in Sidney. Source: NCA NewsWire/Jeremy Piper

Additionally many pro-Palestinian encampments have been set up in universities, for example in Sidney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

Australian students in support of Palestine. Source: ABC News Australia

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