Revolutionary Will is Stronger Than Isolation

We publish this unofficial translation from a statement of Partizan prisoners from the Silivri prison published in Yeni Demokrasi.

Revolutionary-patriotic prisoners have been living in F-type prisons [high security closed prisons, in which prisoners are not living in dormitories but isolated cells], in isolation conditions, for a quarter of a century, and have been resisting the devastating consequences of isolation. It is known that the isolation of revolutionary-patriotic prisoners is not an end in itself, and that the policy of the revolutionary will in the specificity of prisons is the policy of insisting in the righteousness of the revolutionary movement and the righteousness of social rebellion. Therefore, the resistance of the prisoners is essentially a resistance against the attack of capitulation and subjugation.

The resistance of the prisoners is against disorganization, poor wages, and workers’ dismissals; The peasantry that was ruined for the sake of imperialist agricultural monopolies, the peasants who took the barricades against the mine and power plant bosses for their means of life and livelihood; the Kurdish nation against national oppression; it is a resistance like the resistance of women and the Alevis.

Today, there is a reality of people joining arms and resisting. It is these people who foiled the trustee move in Van, these people demonstrated their will in Taksim, and they did not surrender to the severe oppressive conditions of the fascist dictatorship.

As in the May 1st detentions and arrests, those who resist will be the target of new attacks, and the anger and resistance of the people will grow as new forces join those who resist.

A similar development process is experienced in prisons. Revolutionary-patriotic prisoners are facing a higher level of attack today. Prisoners are transferred to Y-type prisons, where daylight is difficult to enter, where there is no ventilation, where they cannot contact each other even by calling out to each other in single and triple cells, with maximum inhumanity and full isolation.

Revolutionary prisoners have declared that they will not surrender to the Y-type isolation, to where transfers have been carried out little by little for the last two years, that they will resist, that they reject Y-type prisons, and have started to resist. Nurettin Kaya started a death fast to demand that the transfers to Y types be stopped and that his transferred friends are transferred to different prisons.

We declare that we reject Y-type prisons and that we will resist Y-type isolation, which is a much more severe isolation than the one we experience today.

We support Nurettin Kaya, who has been on death fast for more than 200 days, and demand that his demands be accepted; We want a response to type Y isolation.

For this purpose, we inform our people, the revolutionary democratic public, that we will go on hunger strike between 14th-18th of May 2024.

Partizan prisoners from Silivri Prison

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