France: rally in Lyon in solidarity with the detainees in Taksim

Featured image: rally at the town hall square, Lyon, France. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

On Tuesday 7th of May, a Solidarity Committee called for a rally at the town hall square in Lyon, France. Activists of the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (LJR) attended to the rally and speeches were held highlighting the links between the Palestinian resistance and the struggle of the proletariat of Turkey in Taksim, as well as were highlighted the anti-imperialist demands carried out during the 1st of May in Taksim and the repression suffered by the workers in Istanbul. We have reported recently on other actions carried out in solidarity with the detainees of the Taksim square.

More than 150 people gathered at the rally. An activist of the LJR held a speech and mentioned several times the detainees in Turkey and solidarity and proletarian internationalism was shown: “So comrades and friends, now that our comrades in Turkey are imprisoned, tortured, accused of terrorism, it is normal to be together here. Just as we rejected this judgment of the bourgeoisie when it was applied to the valiant fighters of all factions of the Palestinian Resistance, even today we reject this judgment and affirm loudly and clearly that the struggle of the comrades of Turkey was justified, and that we are on their side because they are on the right side of history, the side of the people! (…). Our comrades in Turkey had the right to demonstrate, just as the Palestinian people are right to rise up against the genocide and for their liberation! We will never relax our support for Palestine and all oppressed peoples of the world!”. The speech ended with a clear demand which was supported by the attendants to the rally: “Comrades, we demand the immediate and unconditional release of the demonstrators arrested on 1st of May in Turkey!”.

Also an speech was held by a “spokesperson of the Turkish diaspora”. Nouvelle Epoque report on that: “His intervention, very well welcomed, exposed the links between the struggles of the Turkish, Palestinian and even French proletariat, because the proletariat as a unique class which has the same interests throughout world. The liberation of the Palestinian proletariat must be supported and defended by the proletariat in Turkey, by the proletariat in France, as part of the World Proletarian Revolution.”

Hereby we share the video of the speech:

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