Chile: the old Chilean State evicts and set fire the “Toma 17 de Mayo”

Featured image: Toma being set fire in Cerro Navia. Source: Periódico El Pueblo

Periódico El Pueblo de Chile has reported the repressive forces have evicted and set ablaze the “Toma 17 de Mayo”. We have regularly reported on the resistance by the residents of “Toma 17 de Mayo” and on the threats and attacks by the Boric government against it.

The residents of “Toma 17 de Mayo” have denounced the institutions for having evicted them even though there was a meeting planned for the 20th of May between the old Chilean State and the residents. They also stated how the government wanted this eviction being “an exemplary punishment for who dares to take a land, for who dares to solve his problems, for who dares to take his rights and for who dares to take care of his dignity with his own hands”. The Periódico El Pueblo also stated how the “Seizures of lands are the prove of the State and its institutions being useless for the people”. Before this wish of making an exemplary punishment, the newspaper answered “The only struggle which is lost, is the one which is abandoned. For land, housing and dignity!”, making clear that the struggle has not ended despite what the Boric government wants to make believe.

Here Periódico El Pueblo shows how the Toma has been set fire:

Therefore, the old Chilean State has shown once more that it is against the people in general, and in particular in this case against the deepest and broadest masses who have been brutally evicted.

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