New 1st May reports in France and Colombia

Feature image: Demonstration in Bogotá, Colombia. Source: New Democracy

Reports from Bogotá, Colombia, explain how it was on the day of the working class in the city, where different organizations, revolutionaries, unions, student groups and popular masses went to the Palestinian embassy. From there, the march made its journey to the city center showing red flags with the hammer and the sickle, with banners and flags of different organizations while making graffiti, actions and posters in support of the Palestinian people.

In a speech during the march, the history of this day and the martyrs of Chicago stood out but also the importance of the struggle of today’s society, highlighting the Palestinian struggle and the struggle against imperialism. Finally, the governments of Colombia were also denounced, who are lackeys of imperialism and allow military bases of Yankee imperialism.

During the march, other slogans were made, remembering those killed, missing, raped and detained during the great social outbreak of 2021 and empty promises from this. Finally, the hymn of the working class, The Internationale was sung.

In France, images of different cities on the mobilizations of 1st May have been reported again:

In Paris LJR, JR, La Cause du Peuple, the FSE and SELA marched with Partizan.

In Lyon, the LJR activists with Fosse Aux Lyons and anti fascist and autonomous activists gave support to the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil.

In Sait-Ettienne, the LJR participated with the OSE-CGT union. Raphael Glucksmann, former Social Democratic Opportunistic Cay, who tried to participate in the march in an opportunist way.

In Toulousse a combative march was made with slogans against capitalism, racism and imperialism, calling the unity of proletarians against reactionary and opportunistic threat.

The Police attacked and charged the protesters under the pretext of a painting supposedly done during the march. However, the attack was repelled by self-defense and maintaining the positions, which avoided arrests and injured because of the repression.

LJR also participated in other cities throughout France:

Combative demonstration of LJR, partition and FSE in Strasbourg. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

Combative demonstration of JR and FSE in Limoges. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

Combative demonstration of the CDP, the FSE, the Palestinian Committee, the Committee of People without papers and the Emmaüs strikers in Lille. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

Combative demonstration of JR, the CDP, anti-racist revolutionary action and Palestinian Horizon in Rennes. Source: Epoque Nouvelle

The establishments of the big capitalists were attacked. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

Joint cortege with Partizan. Source: Epoque Nouvelle

There has also been a report on the demonstration of May 1 in Kanaky, where the independentist people claimed the salary increase and against the electoral reform that France wants to implement, we have previously published on this subject:

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