Chile: The Struggle continues at home and abroad

From Chile a video to denounce the fallacies said by the mayor, Mauro Tamayo, was published. He states that the land is considered as industrial and “it cannot be changed”, when in the only meeting held together with the residents an architect verified that that was only a question of political will. Also they deny the number of meetings that were held together with the leaders of ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’, which was only one and not “frequently”, as the mayor states.

The newspaper Servir al Pueblo from the Spanish State has published actions in solidarity with the affected of the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ eviction.

In the university camp for Palestine of the Complutense University of Madrid a video with anti-imperialist and proletarian internationalism was done in front of the monument to the volunteers of the International Brigades. In it the necessity of the people to organize and take what is theirs is stated:

A banner in solidarity with the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ in the University of Castilla la Mancha (Campus of Albacete) was deployed.

Toma 17 de Mayo Long Live the Chilean people’s struggle!”. Source: Servir al Pueblo

In the German capital, Berlin, a rally in front of the Chilean embassy was held in support of the struggle going on. The eviction was denounced and Spanish slogans raised: ¡Detener los desalojos en Chile! ¡Detener el desalojo de la Toma 17 de Mayo! ¡Tierra, vivienda y dignidad! The rally was received in a positive way by the people and caused some trouble inside the embassy, with some people taking pictures of the rally from within the embassy.

Rally in front of the embassy of the old Chilean State; Source: DemVolkeDienen

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