Turkey: Repression and resistance

Four of the 21 youths who were detained on the 18th of May in Kadıköy, Istanbul, for commemorating İbrahim Kaypakkaya were arrested. They are charged with “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”, “resisting the police” and “violating the law No. 2911”.

Similarly, since the 1st of May, six Partizan readers have been imprisoned and charged with “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” due to banners with the image of İbrahim Kaypakkaya. Partizan and İbrahim Kaypakkaya are however not illegal according to the Turkish law. In total, 50 people were arrested. Now, over 100 intellectuals have signed a declaration demanding the freedom of those who are imprisoned due to the resistance of 1st of May. In it, it is denounced that the attack on the demonstration and the ban on Taksim square violates the constitutional rights of the people as well as the decision of the Constitutional Court stating that the Taksim square should be opened for 1st of May demonstrations.

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