Mexico: Weekly newsletter

We share an unofficial translation of the Mexico section of the weekly newsletter of Sol Rojo Mexico.

Mexico. The general national strike of the democratic teachers began! Is a task which democrats and revolutionaries have been agitating for since more than one year ago. Now, since past 15 May, the National Coordinating Committee of Education Workers (CNTE) has taken the streets and made an encampment at the main square of City of Mexico as well in Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas and another key points, and also it has carried out mobilizations and information campaigns in other regions of the countries calling the people to join the strike. Now, the central call is to make the strike, a popular-teachers National Strike, reinforcing the call of Total Boycott to the electoral farce. During the last five days this strike has strongly carried out actions such as liberation of posts of control at the highways, seizures of infrastructures of the electoral parties and offices of the Election National Institute (INE), removal and torching of electoral propaganda, occupying shopping centers and of transnational companies (including banks, departments of shops, vehicles of oligarchic companies, etc.). Now also have been done occupations of installations of Pemex in Oaxaca. Yesterday, Sunday, at the main square of City of Mexico, the brave contingents of the CNTE were able to reject the provocation set up by the reactionary coalition PRI-PAN-PRD which leads the shameful Xóchitl Gálvez. The right-winger ones attempted to remove the tents and the structures of the encampments, and as a response they could find the firmness of the combative teachers who defended their place at the square. The CNTE also differentiated itself from the Obradorist opportunism which tried to take advantage from these developments. With it, the democratic teachers make this clear: neither Xóchitl, nor Claudia, neither Maynés, none of them represent the working people, all of them are candidates of the big bourgeoisie! The importance of this national strike is that achieve to unite the sector demands of the democratic teachers with the demands of justice for the workers and peoples of Mexico in the context of the upcoming federal elections, which are presented amid of the war against the people which had left political prisoners, disappeared and murdered ones all over the country. In this national strike and its actions, the red flags of the New Democracy Revolution firmly wave, along with the feeling of the teaching grass-roots, agitating central slogans in this moment. Workers of education… Make from the strike a popular-teachers National Strike! Total Boycott to the electoral farce!

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