The International Court of Justice fails again in his lazy attempt to stop the Palestinian genocide

March of the University of Copenhagen Palestinian camp. Source: Roede Fane

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) of the Hague, Netherlands, has done a call so Israel halts its attacks over the South of Gaza, concretely over the city of Rafah. This ruling is in support to the application from last week done by South Africa, who accused the Israeli State of committing genocide against the people of Palestine.

The presiding judge, Nawaf Salam, has declared that the situation has worsen in Gaza since the last court declared that Israel should “make steps to improve the situation”. The ruling of the Court, issued on Friday May 24, states that “Israel must immediately halt its military offensive, and any other action in the Rafah Governorate”, which could lead to “physical destruction” of the people of Palestine, alluding to what constitutes genocide under international law. It has also demanded that the humanitarian aid must be allowed to enter in Gaza.

As it was expected, Israel has refused the ruling and has stated that it will ignore the order of the ICJ to stop its operation. The Israeli government’s spokesperson has labeled the ruling as “public suicide” and added that “there is no power in the world which will push us towards it”.

Minutes after the ruling, the genocidal Sate of Israel has carried out a series of air strikes on the Shaboura refugee camp at Central Gaza. A local activist at nearby Kuwait Hospital told the BBC that rescue teams in the hospital were unable to reach the site of the raids due to their intensity.

Today, the Gaza Health Ministry states that more than 35,000 people have been murdered in Gaza since 7th of October of 2023. But these are just the counted ones who died at the hospitals, and to them are added another 13,000 people which are officially still “disappeared” as their bodies have not been found. Gaza Civil Defense states that around 10,000 in the region can be trapped under the destroyed buildings. Health problems among the population are expected during the summer as there are bodies buried under estimated 37,000 tones of rubble.

Once more it is showed how not even the international courts can legally stop the genocide, that is economically, politically and military led and supported by the sole hegemonic superpower, Yankee imperialism, and executed by its Israeli butchers.

We report on some actions done in solidarity with the people of Palestine:

In Denmark, the permanent encampment of the University of Copenhaguen (KU), which name is “Rafah Garden”, has confronted with the police, which was intervening at the encampment because alleged “sabotage” of election posters.

The university encampment, which lasts already two weeks, demands to the KU the end of all funding and support to Israel, to condemn the Israeli occupation on Palestine and to show consideration to the Palestinian students whose relatives are going through a genocide.

Many political actions also have been carried out, as highways blockades in front of the University. Facing this, the university quickly decided to “stop conversations with the encampment”, even thought never was proved that those responsible were members of this. On May 22, a march in solidarity to the encampment and to pressure the university was also done. A great march was organized within short time, were slogans as “There is only one solution! Intifada Revolution!” was shouted.

March in Denmark of the “Rafah Garden”. Source: Roede Fane

It was there when the police came into the encampment for the supposedly “sabotage” and they detained a student who refused to be registered. Then they tried to harass and humiliate him in front of the rest of the encampment. For this reason, the students from the encampment started to condemn the police by shouting and demanding them to leave. The protesters also hit the police car. While the police was retreating, they had time to deal blows to some protesters with the batons, but they did not arrested anyone else.

University students who protested defending themselves from the police. Source: Roede Fane

There are also reports of actions done in Norway:

On 15th of May the Kampkomiteen participated in a student strike organized by the Red Youth in the square Eidsvolls. They protested for the youth of Gaza whose schools has been destroyed by the Zionist bombardments. Slogans such as “¡Boycott to Israel!” or “¡From the river to the sea Palestine will win!”.

On Saturday, May 18, the activists of Kampkomiteen participated in the weekly conmemoration in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle in Kristiansand

In the Palestinian encampment of the University of Oslo posters were put up and graffiti were done, as well as in Trondheim.

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