Philippines: Another aerial bombing

We publish an unofficial translation of an article by the PRWC:

Around 6 o’clock in the evening of May 21, there was another encounter between the troops of the 72nd Division Reconnaisance Company and the New People’s Army (NPA) in Baranngay Salay, Dipaculao, Aurora where there were injuries on the side of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and there were no casualties on the NPA side.

As the AFP troops were greatly weakened, the said exchange of fire was followed by the flight of two attack helicopters that continuously strafed Sapang Kawayan. They also released a bomb that hit the mountains of Toytoyan, Dipaculao. At the same time, the continuous flight of drones that terrorized the masses in the area up to the nearby barangays of Maria Aurora, and barangays on the coast of Dipaculao.

Because of this event, a lockdown and force evacuation were implemented in the barangays affected by the said incident.

We want to make it clear that such fighting is not in civilian homes. We assure you that we put your safety first at all times. That’s why we always try to avoid conflicts that may involve civilians. On the other hand, the is thelife of the peasant who is with the NPA, either in the village or in their work area. Where there are masses, there is the NPA. They are happy that the NPAs are with them cutting coconuts, cooking copra, planting or mowing rice.

The masses devoted their time to studies related to Philippine society and revolution and attending secret meetings to discuss their condition and what should be done to defend the democratic right to land and livelihood. They are grateful for the free and effective medical services provided by the NPA to the masses with true care and the goal of curing disease. They volunteer their children to study with fellows who in a short time quickly learn to read and write, conscious discipline and good manners that the children did not learn in the bourgeois school. In contrast to the work of the AFP and armed groups of the reactionary government that pervert and endanger the people.

Is there anything to be afraid of when there is an NPA in the village? “It’s scarier without you guys. Abusive armies have nothing to fear. There are more thieves and fools. The landlords are more angry and the merchants and usurers are more ferocious without you.” This is the heart-warming statement of a member of the National Association of Farmers (PKM) in the village of Puangi.

The CPP-NPA-NDF called to support the people of Dipaculao for a safe and free life. STOP BOMBING and STRAPING the area. Also stop the hamletting or control of the civilian population and let the people go back to the places of employment.

Stop aerial bombings and strapping!

Stop hamletting!

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