Rallies in Chilean embassies shows international support to the Toma 17 de Mayo

Featured image: rally in front of the embassy in Vienna, Austria. Source: Die Rote Fahne, Österreich

Since last time we reported, the actions in solidarity with the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ from Chile, which was violently evicted and their houses burned, have continued. In different places of Europe and Latin America, different organizations have showed their solidarity with political actions:

In Vienna, Austria, a rally for the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ was done in front of the Chilean embassy. In the rally, around 20 people with red flags and a banner that reads: “Stop the eviction of ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’. They were expressing their solidarity with the residents and denouncing the evictions that are being done in Chile. Slogans as “Long live the international solidarity!” were screamed. The activists also were selling the newspaper Die Rote Fahne Österreich.

Also other actions in the city, as well as in the city of Linz, were done before, as we have already reported.

In Brazil new agitations were done by the Revolutionary Front to defend the Rights of the People:

In Germany more actions were done. As in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt there was also a rally in Bremen, in front of the consulate of Chile. Also leaflets were distributed through the passers-by.

From the neighborhood of José Antonio Galán, in Bogotá, Colombia, a demonstration in solidarity with the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ was done. This neighbors are also under eviction warning:

In Norway, activists from Kampkomiteen did a denounce in front of the Chilean embassy in Oslo, in solidarity with the evicted. Also in Kristiansand posters informing on the situation of the eviction, the police brutality and the fire done by the repressive State forces were put up.

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