Palestine: resistance all over the world against the massacres in Rafah

Featured image: Palestinian activist at the clashes in West Bank. Source: The Palestinian Information Center.

The State of Israel has continuously bombed Rafah for the last days. Day after day there are more murdered and injured civilians, which are result of a purposed massacre as the main targets of the Israeli attacks are refugee camps, which are highly populated.

These criminal bombings and massacres are added to the long list of war crimes committed by the State of Israel since 7th of October. Overall, according to the Media Office of the Gaza government, 77,000 tons of explosives have been used in more than 3,000 massacres. As a result 87,000 houses have been destroyed along with other hundreds of buildings. The death-toll reaches 36,050 murdered Palestinians and another 81,026 injured people since 7th of October.

Destruction after the Israeli attacks. Source: Image, Anadolu Agency; data, Media Office of the Gaza government.

Additionally to these high figures of murdered and injured, the Israelis have also abducted thousands of Palestinians. 180 Palestinians were abducted at once in a recent Israeli offensive on the Jabalia refugee camp.

There are also Israeli attacks on the West Bank. The death-toll there reaches 519 murdered people and additionally there are also almost 5,000 injured people since 7th of October. The Israeli forces have recently raided many Palestinian locations and detained dozens of Palestinian activists, burning numerous vehicles during the process. Numerous Palestinian resistance’s forces have faced the Israeli forces. The people of Palestine is also combating and resisting in many places, such as Jenin, Tulkarem, Nablus and Bethlem.

The National Resistance Front of Palestine is still combating and resisting, inflicting hard casualties to the occupying forces. Yesterday the State of Israel admitted a new casualty among its soldiers, and there are 635 eliminated Israeli soldiers since 7th of October. Al-Qassam Brigades has recently announced they carried out a successful ambush on the Israeli forces at the Jabalia refugee camp, in which numerous Israeli soldiers surrendered and they were made prisoners of war. This represents a blow to the moral of the State of Israel’s forces and to the talks of imperialists, who are constantly spreading the idea of the invincibility of the highly modernized and very well equipped Israeli forces.

Recently the al-Quds Brigades and al-Qassam Brigades have reported on many mortar shelling actions against the Israeli forces in Jabalia.

They have reported also on mortar shelling on Ashkelon, State of Israel.

The al-Qassam Brigades have also launched rockets on Tel Aviv.

The resistance of the peoples of Middle East also continues showing its solidarity with Palestine. In Lebanon, Hezbollah constantly reports on actions against Israeli targets. Footage of actions have been published, for example of Israeli targets hit in Metula:

At the Sana’a university, Yemen, the students have strongly condemned the US because of its accountability on the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel. At the protest they have burnt flags of Yankee imperialism.

Yemeni students burn Yankee flags. Source: AP

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has hit again the State of Israel by launching drones against Haifa.

Additionally to the actions of the Palestinian resistance and of the Islamic resistance in Middle East, solidarity actions have been done all over the world since last time we reported on it. Here we report on some more:

Yesterday Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland and Saoirse don Phalaistín were part of a demonstration against a Zionist march in Dublin.

In Essen, Germany, on Sunday, May 26, a demonstration was carried out after another one being banned in Duisburg, which was planned for Friday 25. German imperialism has shown its most reactionary face against the solidarity with the people of Palestine during the last months, by persecuting several organizations and cutting the democratic rights. Recently Palestine Solidarity Duisburg (PSDU) has been persecuted and banned. The German people has decided to carry out a demonstration in Essen, including many attendants from Duisburg. Despite it was just planned to have slogans in solidarity with PSDU and not with Palestinian resistance, these last ones were chanted and shouted. The police noted down the slogans chanted and filmed faces, banners, etc., and even made several arrests which were rejected by the demonstrators. Among the demonstrators Roter Bund (Red League) was present.

Demonstration in Essen, Germany. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In Istanbul, Turkey, activists carried out several mobilizations to protest against the Israeli attacks in Rafah.

Turkish activist in defense of Palestine. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Dakar, Senegal, hundreds of people gathered in a demonstration to support Palestine.

In Cape Town, capital of South-Africa, thousands gathered in a rally to support Palestine.

Rally in Cape Town. Source: IRNA

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, demonstrators made a rally in front of Starbucks’ locals to denounce the genocide committed in Palestine.

Activists denounced the genocide. Source: Abdullah Aşıran

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