Turkey: update on those who were detained on 1st of May

Featured image: some of the Partizan readers detained. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Recently Yeni Demokrasi has reported on those who were detained on the 1st of May protests at the struggles for Taksim square in Istanbul, Turkey. We have regularly reported on that.

Of those 27 detained people during the house raids done by the police on 21st of May, three people have been released on the night of Wednesday 29th of May. Specifically Öyküm Bozbay, Batuhan Yanar and the Gazete Patika’s journalist, Ali Kadir Güler, have been released.

But not everything are good news as 17 Partizan readers who were detained on 1st of May – of which six of them are still detained- have been called to declare before the judge. They are charged with “opposition to 2911”, “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and “praising the crime and the criminal”.

Additionally, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office requests 567 years of imprisonment for 42 accused who were detained due to the 1st of May struggle. Two different cases have been filed: in the first case 30 of the protesters are accused, and the Prosecutor has requested 13 years and 6 months for each one of them. In the second case, a total of 162 years of imprisonment are requested for 12 prisoners. They are charged with “violating the law on meetings and demonstrations”, “resisting to prevent the performance of duty”, “intentional injury” and “damage to public property”.

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