A Rifle Seized and Two Soldiers Eliminated: News on the People’s War in the Philippines

Featured image: Samar island. Source: Mavink website

We report on some actions on the People’s War in the Philippines. The People’s War is lead by the Communist Party of Philippines. The newspaper Ang Bayan reports on an action in West Samar, Philippines, were an official of the 3rd Infantry Battalion (IB) has been eliminated and other injured.

The New People’s Army (NPA) of West Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) made an ambush on the encampment of the 3rd IB which is currently located is in Baragay Gayondato, San Jorge, West Samar. The action took place when a unit of the old State’s army went out from the encampment to take a bath. Then, the NPA opened fire, eliminating a corporal and injuring other soldier. During this operation a R4 riffle was seized.

The reactionary army is deployed in the area under the false excuse of having received reports from the residents on the presence of the people’s army in the area. But this is false since the residents are frightened since the arrival of the reactionary military in the area. Since the 3rd IB was deployed, the martial law is applied in San Jorge, were they impose access controls to the residents and stablish hours when they can go to the field, affecting their life and work.

This operation has taken place after other operation one took place in May, in the encampment of CAFGU (Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit), paramilitary forces, in Motiong and Jiabong, were a soldier and other element of CAFGU were eliminated.

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