Mexico: Weekly Newsletter

We publish an unofficial translation of the Mexico part of the weekly newsletter published in Solrojista.

Mexico. Yesterday the federal elections were held in our country and they have been the most violent in the national history with approximately 85 assassinated politicians. 37 were candidates from the various parties. As was announced, Claudia Sheinbaum won as elected president of the Morena-PT-PVEM coalition to give continuity to the political project of the self-proclaimed “fourth transformation”, which is summarized in corporatism and militarization. Sheinbaum’s triumph is useful for the purposes of imperialism, mainly Yankee, since it guarantees the continuation of the economic model with which the mega-projects of dispossession and death, in addition to various economic agreements, trade and migration that have deepened the semi-colonial condition of Mexico. Now the bureaucratic bourgeoisie celebrates her triumph with sentences like “the first female president of Mexico”, “the most voted candidate in history” and other expressions to fool fools. Meanwhile, the national indefinite strike of the National Coordinating of Education Workers continues and precisely a large rally of masses is planned. This mobilization will bring together the contingents of the CNTE, of the Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico and the National Popular Assembly to cover AMLO’s meeting with the fathers and mothers of the 43 (June 3), and AMLO’s meeting with the Sole National Commission for the Negotiation of the Coordinating (June 4). The electoral farce has concluded, the class struggle has not. Whoever governs, the rights of the people are defended!

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