India: Actions in the People’s War during the month of May

Featured image: banner and flag for the elections boycott in Jharkhand. Source: Organiser.

Hereby we report on actions made by Maoists during the last weeks in India, within the framework of the People’s War, lead by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Many of these actions are linked with the elections period and call to boycott these elections, as many other actions which were done previously and on which we have reported.

Despite the cruelties and massacres the old Indian State conducts against the people and its revolutionary vanguard, called “Operation Kagaar”, the blood shed doesn’t drawn the revolution but spurs it.

The Maoist guerrillas have made numerous actions for the elections boycott during May, when several phases of the elections were held by the old Indian State. In several areas of West Singhbhum, Jharkhand, banners, posters and flags were reportedly hung and put up calling to boycott the elections and to join the Maoist movement.

Meanwhile other actions have been done in other places, such as in Gaya, Bihar, where Maoists have spread leaflets and put up posters in support to the poor workers and against a local exploiter who is hiring them for a salary of misery.

Maoist poster in Bihar. Source: Amar Ujala Digital

Several actions have been done against mobile towers, which are one of the most visible symbols of the old Indian State’s policy to pretend that it is struggling for a further “development” in Chhattisgarh. But actually, these mobile towers as many other projects are just part of the policies of dispossession of the land from the peasants, militarization and loot. On Monday 27th of May Maoist guerrillas reportedly attacked two mobile towers under construction at the villages of Gaurdand and Chameli, district of Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh, torching them. The same kind of action was done in Durmi village, also in the Narayanpur district, on Saturday 25th of May, when another mobile tower was torched.

Tower under construction torched. Source: ANI

There are reports on Maoists punished those who snitched on activists or guerrillas and those who collaborate with the old Indian State. On Sunday 26th of May, Maoist guerrillas reportedly eliminated two informants of the police in the Chatra district, Jharkhand. The police itself confirmed that these two eliminated people have handed over a Maoist guerrilla to the police.

All of this has been happening during the month of May, and before that, on April the Minister of Interior of the old Indian State, Amit Shah, stated with strength – once more – that Maoists would be extinguished, that they were confined in a small territory and Chhattisgarh soon would be freed of the Maoist presence.

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