Statement of the DFLP regarding the proposed cease-fire

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of the DFLP.

DFLP welcomes the Security Council’s decision on the Gaza Strip, and calls for a unified delegation to confront its entitlements

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued a statement, in which it welcomed the Security Council resolution on the Gaza Strip, as the way forward a sustainable ceasefire and to remove the Israeli occupation forces from every inch of the Gaza Strip.

The Democratic Front said that the American side, which is trying to throw the ball in the resistance’s ceiling, must divert its pressure onto the Israeli side, which continues to maneuver to circumvent the decision and block the implementation, and claiming responsibility for the resistance, as was done previously.

The Democratic Front stressed that our people and their resistance, in welcoming the Security Council resolution, reaffirm their legitimate right of resisting the occupation until it responds to the United Nations decision to stop its aggressive military actions and withdraw from all inches of the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced to their places of residence without any conditions, and the breaking of all forms of siege. The flow of humanitarian and vital aid to the Gaza Strip without any conditions, the rebuilding of the health system and the transfer of serious wounded to be treated abroad to recover, and a serious deal to exchange prisoners and bodies from both sides.

The Democratic Front called for the necessity of forming a unified Palestinian delegation for indirect negotiations with the Israeli enemy, without interruption, the way the United States and Israel maneuver to shape the future of the Gaza Strip, and confirm in return that the Strip is part of the independent State of Palestine, which was recognized by the United Nations, most recently by a number of European countries, and that the Palestinians, within the framework of a unified national coalition under the banner of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the sole legitimate representative of our people, are the only ones who determine their future and destiny. ‬

The Democratic Front warned against maneuvers by Israeli-American circles to circumvent the Security Council’s resolution regarding the Gaza Strip and claim that it is non-binding, to cover Israeli obstruction projects, even though the United States itself stands behind submitting this project to the Council.

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