Union of Migrant Workers – Britain (İGEB) has opened its local

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published in Avrupa Haber.

İGEB, which started its activities under the Union of Migrant Workers in Europe (AGEB), successfully achieved its organizational goal as planned, at the end of a 2-month preparation process. The organization building work, which is a concrete and beautiful example of mobilizing mass initiative and creativity with a collective effort within this period, resulted in the opening of the associations local.

The decision to work for an association and taking action, the high motivation created by the enthusiasm and excitement on the field, and the mobilization of the environment of social-political relations created by making them a part of the process, accelerated the opening process of the association and turned it into a serious collective anti-imperialist mass movement, keeping a distance from institutional organizations. In this process serious declines and breaks occur in the anti-capitalist consciousness and struggle consciousness, the opening of İdea FABRİKA, the local of İGEB association, should be seen as a prove of a strong will to stand and struggle against the negative process and understanding we mentioned before.

Insistence on the revolutionary-democratic consciousness, the combative line, and the determination to bring forward advanced values with the perspective of struggle and bring a better future are an answer to capitulation, discouragement and liquidationist winds and attacks.

The opening of our association’s local, which was created by a collective work mobilization of our comrades, friends and an environment of social-political relations, attracted a lot of attention even though it was announced in a short time. The opening of the association’s local, which was visited throughout the day, was held at 15:00. In addition to the crowd filling the restaurant, dozens of people participated in the visits until the evening hours. In the opening speech, which started with a short greeting, it was emphasized that this collectively created value belongs to all of us, and the importance of developing the struggle against imperialist-reactionary attacks by joining more closely our revolutionary-democratic foundations. Special thanks were given to our comrades and friends who participated in the collective establishment process of the association, emphasizing how valuable their efforts were and are. In particular, the importance of reflecting the collective work we carried out in all the work of the association and the need of a further strengthening of the association by taking a more active part in the work was emphasized.

In addition to the common solidarity message of the AGEB components Mor Kızıl Kolektif, İTİF, ATIGF, AGEB Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Greece associations, the Assembly of Exiles-London Representation also attended our opening with a solidarity message. At the event, where the bunch of red carnation flowers sent by PARTIZAN was very meaningful, a speech was held on behalf of GİK-DER and the feelings of revolutionary solidarity were expressed. DAY-MER, YÇKM and Kurdish people also participated in the opening event.

An open buffet presentation prepared by the Association’s Executive Board and members was held. The design and opening of the restaurant, which received very positive reactions from the participants, was successfully completed as it was planned.


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