Brazil: Peasants denounce an imminent police operation against Camp Mãe Bernadete

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published in A Nova Democracia.

We have regularly reported on the resistance in Mãe Bernadete, the hard struggle waged in Bahia by the peasantry, and statements by the Poor Peasants League on it. They have been resisting for a long time the latifundium, monopolies and old Brazilian State attacks.

The peasants from the Camp Mãe Bernadete, in Carinhanha, Bahia, denounce a police operation is threatening the ownership of the peasants of the lands in the hacienda of Lagoa dos Portácios. Videos of the denounce will be published in the Instagram pages of the Camp and of the Support Commitee to the camp.

In them, they explain how the peasants took the lands after years of destruction and abandoning by the mining company Calsete. More than 100 families live and produce in the camp, resisting the threats by the Military Police (MP) and the goons send, according to the reports of the mining company itself. This year, the peasants delimited by themselves the possessions and divided the property in parts among them, by a process called ‘People’s Court’. Look the video of the denounce below.

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