Statement of PSDU from Bangladesh on Operation Kagaar

We share a statement we have received by mail.

Stop the fascist Modi government’s attack on the oppressed people of India.

Stop the unjust Operation Kaggar war imposed on the revolutionary people and the Maoists.

On July 1, World protest day against “operation kagaar”, a call has been given by the International Committee for the Support of People’s War in India (ICSPWI). The Central Committee of People’s Democratic Student Unity (PDSU) from Bangladesh express its solidarity with Indian oppressed people and maoist movement. The fascist Modi government is stripping away the rights of workers, farmers, students and middle-class people including tribals, Dalits, religious minorities and Muslims in India. They are prepetrating barbaric and ruthless attacks in their democratic struggle for justice.

Modi government has killed 1822 Maoist revolutionaries in the last 10 years, including 491 women, to perpetuate the exploitation of imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism, semi-feudalism. Besides, thousands of pro-democrats are detained in prisons. Under operation like Green Hunt, Operation Samadhan, Operation Kagar etc, they are conducting airstrikes, drone attacks and fake crossfire killings of Maoists and tribal people, relentlessly destroying the democratic struggle of the people who try to protect their water-land-forest-dignity.

The expansionist India and its government are the adversaries to the liberation of the people of South Asia, including Bangladesh. Hence, it is necessary to stand united with the indian people in this struggle.

People’s Democratic Student Unity (PDSU) strongly condemns and denounces the severe opposition to India’s agrarian revolutionary democratic struggle and vehemently protests against Operation Kaggar and massacres. Simultaneously, it calls for a united democratic struggle against imperialism, feudalism, and expansionism in South Asia.

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