Mexico: ”No solidarity is small when it comes to serving the people wholeheartedly!”

Earlier, we have written on the march of the FORO on the 20th of March in Oaxaca. Current of People – Red Sun reports more on the actions in Mexico against the CIIT. In the report, they highlight the importance of the march, which gathered 3000 participants. Additionally, they reaffirm their demands in the struggle:

”Our CP-Red Sun is part of the FORO and our main agenda of struggle focuses on the alive presentation of Dr. Ernesto Sernas García; justice for the comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino and Jesús Manuel García Martínez; stop the imposition of imperialist mega-projects of dispossession and death such as the Interoceanic Corridor; and imprison the mercenary “Tacho Canasta” and his armed gang.

The arbitrary detention, torture and political imprisonment of comrade Salvador Pinal Meléndez, the attack that took the life of comrades Jesús Manuel García Martínez and wounded comrade Eric Sánchez Gutiérrez, the armed attacks against agrarian communities in Santa Cruz Tagolaba and Rincón Tagolaba and the dispossession of communal lands leads us to reaffirm that the Interoceanic Corridor plunders and kills peasants and indigenous people!”

They also saluted the struggle of other democratic-revolutionary organizations, who have been taking part in the struggle and participating in mobilizations on the 20th and 21st of March in Mexico:

”In the demand for justice we have the support of the FORO as well as other organizations that both at the national level as on the international they give us their support. Such is the case of the UCIZONI comrades who also fight against the imposition of the CIIT and the militarization of the northern area of the Isthmus facing persecution and harassment from the navy; the Frente Popular de la Montaña de Guerrero [Popular Front of Guerrero Mountain]who on March 20, issued a statement in support of our struggle, saluting the mobilization of the FORO; Frente de Organizaciones Indígenas de la CDMx [Front of the Organizations of Indigenous People] and especially the comrades of the Movimiento de Artesanos Indígenas Zapatistas [Movement of the Zapatist Indigenous Artisans] who on the 21st of March carried out a march of independence towards the gringo embassy where they held a rally in solidarity with the campaign ”Tagolaba – Do not touch!”

We have reported on the actions of these democratic-revolutionary organizations here and here.

In the statement, CP-Red Sun also greets those who have participated in the campaign internationally, supporting their struggle from different geographies, time zones and capacities, writing: ”No solidarity is small when it comes to serving the people wholeheartedly!”

The solidarity continues. In Brazil, The Brazilian Center of Solidarity of the Peoples CEBRASPO announced they will be holding an event called Trenches of Knowledge on imperialism and the criminalization of peasant struggle in Brazil and Mexico on the 30th of March, 6 pm at RAV 94 at the Rio de Janeiro State University. In Brazil, poor peasants and indigenous people are struggling against the big land lords and for agrarian revolution under the leadership of the League of Poor Peasants LCP, facing severe repression from the old Brazilian state.

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