Philippines: NPA-Guerrilla action in Masbate, ten of the reactionary armed forces killed and several wounded

The New People’s Army (NPA) of Masbate launched a coordinated guerrilla action in Locso-an, Placer, and Gaid, Dimasalang, on March 22, AngBayan reported. Thereby, ten of the 2nd Infantry Brigade and Philippine National Police were annihilated in combat, while at least seven were injured. Masbate is a central island of the Philippines archipelago.


The NPA unit launched the actions to derail the massive militarization launched by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) troops in neighboring towns. According to Ka Luz del Mar, spokesperson of NPA-Masbate, “This is proof that the [New People’s] Army can face any challenge to defend the masses.”

Meanwhile, the unit also reported its active defense against the attacking forces of the 2nd Infantry Brigade in Villahermosa, Cawayan on March 20. According to them, there is no truth in what the Joint Task Force Bicolandia broadcasts that these armed actions are close to the population and civilian institutions.

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