Ever broader solidarity for the campaign against the CIIT

In Mexico, the struggle of the UCIZONI against the modernization works of the Mogoñé Viejo-Vixidu section of the railway in the north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which are a part of the imperialist mega-project CIIT, has continued for 31 days. In this time, they have faced three attacks from the reaction, the latest of which took place on the 24th of March.

Different democratic and revolutionary organizations published a statement denouncing the campaign of harassment and criminalization on the UCIZONI. In the statement the organizations demand that the rights of the indigenous people protesting the mega-projects like the CIIT are respected. They condemn the latest attack of 24th of March, when police and armed gangs attacked the UCIZONI activists, injuring two of them, and denounce the state terror against protesters.

Additionally, the community members of Mogoñe Viejo issued a statement denouncing the modernization works of the railway, which were started without the permission of the local people as well as the attacks of the state on those who protest against the imperialist mega-project. They demand the president Lopez Obrador and other state authorities to respect their rights and to stop the plundering of their land.

The lackeys of Yankee imperialism claim that the CIIT will create “Development Poles of Well-being” which create jobs, stability and opportunities for the local communities. In Mexico, there are 500 similar “industrial parks” that supposedly produce well-being to the people, but on the contrary, poverty and unemployment has risen in these areas. After Lopez Obrador announced windmills will be built on the area, “to join the US in producing clean energy”, community members voiced their concerns over the project. The local community members say they were not told that wind mills will be built on land that has been sold. The locals tell the media that the land was sold by the commune “on the condition that the government install factories (…) and create jobs for our children, it was never said that it would be for a wind farm.” It is also reported that in San Blas Atempa, some of the signatures on a contract to sell the land were falsified or included the names of dead people.

In France, activists of the New Brazil Committee carried out actions in solidarity with the struggle against the CIIT in Mexico. Actions were carried out in multiple cities: Paris, Grenoble, Lyon, Toulouse and Saint-Etienne. It is also reported that there will be more actions in upcoming weeks and months.

The Swedish revolutionary news site Uppror media has published a video explaining the situation in Mexico in Swedish. The watchers of the video are encouraged to support the struggle in Mexico, to share the video and to send email to the ambassador of Mexico.

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