TKP/ML carries out a bomb attack against the police in Gülsuyu, Turkey

Militants of the Communist Party of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) carried out an action against the police in Gülsuyu, neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey on the 24th of March, to hold the police accountable for their crimes against the people. They put up a banner, blocked the street and carried out a bomb attack against the police on the same street. In a published statement they warn the police from continuing the terror against the people, as they will keep on carrying out actions against them. The TKP/ML has been leading an ongoing people’s war in Turkey since the early 1970s.

The State terror is increasing especially in the areas where revolutionary actions are developed. In the statement they write that for 8-10 years the revolutionaries and inhabitants of Gülsuyu have been targets of the increasing State terror carried out by the police and drug gangs. The police tries to break revolutionaries to become collaborators each day, and they do not hesitate to torture them to get what they want. Currently, the State is trying to cover up the demands of the people in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and the upcoming elections, using the so-called “State of Emergency” and censorship of the media, as well as terror and violence to cut the relations of the people to the revolutionaries and to make them participate in the election circus.

The militants call especially the youth of Gülsuyu to organize against the attacks of the reactionary State, and call the communists to hold the police accountable and to make it harder for them to go out on the streets.

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