Recent actions in solidarity with the struggle against the CIIT

The Brazilian Center of the Solidarity of the Peoples CEBRASPO organized an event at the State University of Rio de Janeiro on the criminalization of the peasant struggle in Mexico and Brazil on the 30th of March. Around 40 people arrived to listen to presentations and speeches, which had their main points in the recent attacks on the peasants and encampments of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) in Brazil and the repression campaign of the State against the peasants and indigenous people who oppose the CIIT in Mexico.

The event started with the screening of the video of the demonstration in front of the Mexican Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

Posters with pictures of demonstrations of the LCP and the Current of the People – Red Sun were put up around the auditorium.

After the video, Professor Dr. Maria de Fátima Siliansky, the chairman of Cebraspo, presented the theme of the event and the speakers: Felipe Nicolaul, chairman of the Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers (Abrapo) and Maurício Campos, a social activist. The speakers held a debate, in which they denounced the repression towards the peasants in both countries, as well as the mega-project CIIT and the increasing militarization. The torture-murders of two peasants of the Tiago Campin dos Santos encampment in January and the arrest of leadership and activists of the National Front of Struggles – Countryside and City (FNL) were also denounced. Regarding the situation in Mexico, the debate denounced the mega-project and the murders and disappearances surrounding it.

Speeches and questions from the audience of workers and students followed the debate, demonstrating their resentment of the CIIT and other imperialist mega-projects in Latin America, as well as the increasing militarization.

In Denmark, dazibaos were put up in Copenhagen and in Aalborg.


In Tampere, Finland, posters were put up by the activists of the Friends of New Brazil.

The Interoceanic Corridor plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous people in Mexico!
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