Ecuador: Trial against Lasso and the contradictions between the bourgeoisie

We publish this unofficial translation of a statement from the Front of the Defence of the Struggles of the People of Ecuador.


What is behind the prosecution of Lasso? Dispute between the bourgeoisie! The contradictions (non antagonistic) between the comprador bourgeois (Lasso) and bureaucratic bourgeois (represented by Correa) has achieved one of the highest points in the past years.

The political forces of bourgeois constitutionalism are aligning. The “correístas” (Correa’s followers) see in the trial against Correa the opportunity to achieve the Correa’s pardon and take back the reins of the administration of the old State. Meanwhile, the comprador bourgeois dose not resign to loose its space, and not because they does not want to do it, only because nowadays it is useful to the imperialism to maintenance them in the govern, otherwise it will lose an important foothold for its more open, warlike and meddlesome policy in Latin America.

What is sustaining Lasso?; The imperialism with all it’s “helping” campaign of security: but, above all, turning on the CIA operator, Fernando Villavicencio, charged of covering the back of the banker; the bank, exporters/importers and, obviously, the repressive apparatus.

What or who promotes the bureaucratic bourgeois? Also the imperialism, betting all on one card, in the end, Correa and his line are also components of the big bourgeois and this serves in first or second instance the interest of the imperialism.

In the midst of all this fuss at the heart of the big bourgeois are those who are always ready to take advantage. It is already out the electoral proposal of Yaku Pérez, allied of Larrea, a miserable one, also servile to the CIA.

Pachakutik does the same, he seeks how to put in the electoral platform a candidate that can reach a consensus, not necessary the domesticated left forces of the country, but also the opportunist of all stripes.

Now, why is important to analyse why the Conaie and Pachakutik are are threatening to mobilize if Lassa declares the dissolution of representative powers? Here does not work, as it said, that institutionalism, the constitution and other things must be defended; what is happening is that they need time to consolidate its electoral proposal, they know that, if elections are in the coming months, the Correa’s movement will get hold the govern indisputably, therefore, they will not get the administration of the States for a further six years, if they achieve the presidency.

Then we see the scenario is a crossover of bourgeois interests and purposes, that the opportunist and revisionism forces are finding the way to manage the strategy in the way that it allows them to prepare the presidential ground. The masses must not and cannot fall in this electoral maelstrom that has overlapped the interest of the large majorities, a path where the people’s blood does non mean anything, absolutely; that violence, drug-trafficking and the very high presence of criminal gangs has absolutely contaminated the old institution of the bourgeois-landowning Sate.

The country lives in an extreme violence climate. The decomposition of the State has no referent in history. The government and others political parties only concerned about the elections operate as an militant branch of the big drug-trafficking mafias. The murdering of Cherres, intermediary in dark business of Lasso/Danilo Carrera shows the rottenness that we live.

Thousands of small business are “vaccinated”; their owners murdered. Nobody is saved in the country, especially between the masses.

We can not lay a wager in political “patches” to try to save the situation. The problem is the unemployment, the violence, the most basic unmet demands of the people are structural, it does not resolve with presidents of new and old political benches; we do the revolution or simply we will succumb in the middle of the marasmus that the inter-bourgeois contradictions generate.

Can it be more violence in the country that the one that is generated because of the old State’s and bureaucratic capitalism’s rottenness?; impossible!.

Can it be reconstituted the old State contaminated to the core by the corruption and the drug trafficking bands at the present time? No!

What is to be done? Empower the revolution’s instruments. We must generate military militias not only to defend poor peasants, masses that lives in the economical poorest neighborhoods, but also, to advance the task for the constitution of New Power above all the old and defunct. Stop pretending or demanding that FFAA or national police must be the one that “guarantees the security of the citizen” that does not exist, that old apparatus is designed to hold the dictatorship of the big bourgeois and big landlords, to defend the old State and being ready to be functional to the imperialism.

We have to build people’s army militias! There’s no other path.


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