Ireland: Photos from the march commemorating the Easter Uprising

We have received some more pictures from the march commemorating the 1916 Easter Uprising in Dublin, which we would like to share with our readers.

We have also received a report of a commemoration march that took place in Dublin on Saturday the 8th, the previous day:

”A manifestation took place Saturday in front of the GPO [General Post Office] – historical and famous for its role as a headquarters for the 1916 rebels led by the republican socialist James Connolly. The event was organized by the The Independent Dublin Republicans. Closely observed by the political police, the event had a combative spirit and numerous of powerfull speeches where held.”

The US president Joe Biden arrived for a visit in the occupied Northern Ireland on Tuesday. Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland reports on Twitter that their activists have faced police repression on Monday the 10th of April, in connection of the repressive actions of police ahead of the visit of Joe Biden. The police raided homes of activists, confiscating political literature, laptops and phones, and destroying property.

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