The NPA carries out multiple successful operations against military agents

The New People’s Army of Philippines (NPA) has recently carried out multiple successful operations against informants on the island of Negros and the province of Cebu, delivering justice to the masses harassed by the military.

On April 16th the NPA Central Negros combatants confiscated weapons from the 62nd IB (Infantry Batallion) military agent, Jorge Javier. These included a caliber .45 colt, a caliber .357 magnum, and a KG-9 sub-machine gun, two magazines, ammunition and other military equipment, as well as an ID identifying him as part of the Barangay Information Network (BIN). These are networks established by the police of counter-revolutionary elements among the local residents. Javier was responsible for regularly providing information to the police and the military, which resulted to the massacre of Cristina Jacolbe and her unborn child, 16-year old Everly Kee Jacolbe and peasant Rodan Montero in Guihulngan City in July 2022. He was also involved in the murders of Victor Baldonado in November 2022 and Orlando Fat in January 2023.

Items that were confiscated from the military agent Jorge Javier. Source: Ang Bayan

The Revolutionary People’s Court sentenced two men working as informants to the 62nd IB to death in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. The men were executed on the night of 18th of April. The two men, Joven Pasinabo and Nene Tobias, in addition to being military agents, had also harassed the residents of the area and extorted them to give information. Nene Tobias also had been accused of four cases of rape.

Combatants of the NPA Masbate confiscated an armalite rifle from military agents in Pondol, Balamban, province of Cebu. Initially, the combatants were going to eliminate the military agents, who were identified as Glenn Masamoc and Ganga Dalanon, accompanied by two others, who also work as informants. Masamoc and Dalanon were responsible for the murder of a civilian named Rodante Arizala. However, there was civilians, including children, so the combatants prioritized the well-being of the masses and only stopped the military agents and confiscating their weapons. The agents however fought back and tried to use the civilians as cover. The combatants then helped the civilians to escape. In the struggle, Dalanon was killed while Masamoc and Larry Quilantang, who accompanied Masamoc and Dalanon, were injured. The child involved in the situation is reported to be in a good condition, while a young man was injured after the attempt of the agents to use him as a cover.

The Philippine army has recently once again carried out harassment of the masses. The 62nd IB carried out multiple raids in many cities and towns of Central Negros between 15th and 17th of April. Recently, the Philippine military has also carried out multiple fake encounters, accusing civilians of being members of the NPA in order to turn the people against the guerrillas. On April 15th the 62nd IB stormed the home of Jerry Montefalcon and Maricel Alper and their seven children in Canlaon City, Negros Oriental, arresting Montefalcon and Alper. Montefalcon was accused of illegal possession of firearms and explosives and being a ”most wanted” combatant of the NPA. The NPA Central Negros spokesperson said in a statement that these are false accusations, as Montefalcon is not part of the NPA.

Similarly, on the 18th of April the troops of 62nd IB murdered and dismembered the body of peasant Jose “Jojo” Albores in Upper Tiyos, Brgy Quinten, Moises Padilla and claimed in the media that this was an encounter with the NPA and Albores died as a result of an exchange of fire. They also stole money from the home of the murdered peasant. The NPA states that this was a cowardly attempt to cover a failed military operation, as the 62nd IB is not able to find the real guerrillas. They also denounced the way the troops of 62nd IB cause terror in the area in an attempt to force peasants to cooperate by death threats.

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