India: Report on new guerrilla actions in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand

Map of Jharkhand state. Source: website freeworldmap

We have already written about many guerrilla actions during the past week. This week there are new actions too. The first of them was on Thursday 20th April resulting injured one policeman by an Improvised Explosive Device [IED] in the state of Chhattisgarh. Local media says the following: “The incident occurred at around 8 am near Bangapal village where the police personnel were patrolling. The team detected the IED and policeman Sitaram Kudiyam of Nelasnar police station was injured while defusing the explosive.”

On the other hand, on the Jharkhand state, has ben accused the Maoist guerrillas of burning a guests house, property of the Indian State. Media describes the facts: “The attack took place in Jharkhand province on Saturday, when around 100 militants descended of the forestry to the department’s building, destroying it with improvised explosive devices and gas cylinders.”

This happened in a forestry region, with more and more presence of big mining companies. Local media explain the following about the situation on the area: “Jharkhand’s West Singhbum district, where the weekend attack took place, is rich in minerals and there has been mining companies since around the time of independence in 1947, producing around 16.3 million tonnes of iron ore in 2017-18. But 70 years of mining has not benefited locals. More than 65 per cent of people have fallen below the poverty line while the profits to the pockets of mining company executives and contractors. In particular, there have been few jobs for locals, since the majority of work goes to outside contractors. Villagers say they are turned away by the mining operators, who often threaten to jail them merely for asking for work.”

In the last years support given to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI (Maoist)] is growing up on this region: “But the party’s successes against security forces and its redistribution of land, coupled with its fierce resistance to big mining companies, has won support among deprived and alienated sections of society.”

Additionally to this despite against the Indian people, there is also the bad treatment that Indian State gives to their inhabitants. For example, local media also report on new injustices and harassment did by the Indian State. Indian courts admitted they had in jail two accused people during more than four years without a clear case on them. The court granted bail for this two people, after being accused to have Maoist ties and had involved on the murder of some members of Telugu Desam Party. They had been accused in 2018 and jailed during more than four years. The court has declared the following about this case: “The appellants are in custody for four and half years. The charge has not been framed and the prosecution proposes to examine more than 140 witnesses. Thus, there is no possibility of the trial commencing in the near future.”

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