More reports on May Day


On the 1st of May there was a declaration published by the Defense Committee of the UNIQUE SUTEP.

And the Big Bureaucratic Bourgeois with its revisionist and opportunist, talking about saving this system that is sinking, “New Constitution, “Constituting Assembly”; it is, giving constitutional illusion for the Bourgeois Path and its parliamentary cretinism. Wolf aspirations has this representatives of the rotten “scab union” with the usurpators of the “red fatherland” of the Derrama Magisterial (its private bank) and, of SUTEP; as well as the opportunism with all its bands and revisionists. Time to time: we are not eternal, so, the people and only the people is the creator of history, lead by the light of the Universe, the “proletarian steel” sustained by the unwithering and unbeatable, Scientific Ideology of the proletariat, today creator since 26/12/2022 in the reincarnated, New International: the International Communist League. This fact is historical, it is not “apologizing”, this are brilliant actions of historical character that only the leading vanguard of the class, has made them that way.


We follow up the report from yesterday with more information of the march in Medellín, Colombia. Nueva Democracia writes that the day was a success, with the demonstration expressing a combative attitude and rejecting the yellow unions calls to support the government of the opportunist Petro. Workers participating to the demonstration said “nothing has ever been achieved at the polls, nor peacefully, but only in the streets” and “Francia Marquez must be thrown from her helicopter” (as a reference to the controversy unleashed because of the enormous expenses that the transport of Francia Márquez represents for the Colombian people, who constantly uses a helicopter to get around).”

A speech held promoted proletarian internationalism, and called to support the struggles of the masses in various countries like France, Turkey, India, Germany, and the Philippines among others. The speech also supported anti-imperialism and the necessity to support the resistance in Ukraine, concluding, that revolution is the only way to end imperialism.

During the march, various imperialist flags, the flag of the US, Russia and China for example, were burned. Flyers with the 1st of May statement of the ICL was distributed.

”This set of actions, contrary to the wishes of the current opportunist president, his government leadership, the bureaucracy of the social organizations that support him and the rest of the parties that seek a place in the old state, endowed the march with a broad and diverse character of proletarian struggle. In this sense, it could be affirmed that for the working class in Medellín, even with the opportunistic attempts of the reactionary State to lead the people along the reformist path, the commemoration of May Day was successful, since the revolutionaries were able to leave their voice within and influence within the organizations of the people”, the report concludes.

Source: Nueva Democracia


We wrote yesterday on the demonstrations in Lyon, which were historically intense and large. Hereby we share some more impressions of the protest.

In Caen, activists of the Young Revolutionaries (JR) participated to the May Day demonstration with a banner with the slogan ”Dare to struggle, dare to win!”.

Source: @JR_EF_ on Twitter


In Ireland, the Revolutionary Housing League participated in the May Day demonstration in Dublin, protesting the housing crisis created by the big bourgeoisie and rising costs of living. They also held a rally to demand freedom for three of their activists who were detained on the morning of May 1st at the James Connolly House, which is a building occupied by activists.


Activists of Partizan raised slogans for Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in the union demonstration of Athens, where thousands gathered.


In Berlin, revolutionaries marched with a banner with the slogan ”It is right to rebel!” and the flags of the Red League in the DGB-union demonstration and in the ”Revolutionary 1st of May” demonstration. In both demonstrations, they distributed the founding declaration of the Red League and the 1st of May statement of the ICL and raised combative slogans in many languages.

Flags were also distributed in the city.

Turkish revolutionaries of Partizan participated in demonstrations in Ulm, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hannover, Bielefeld, and Wuppertal. This year the demonstrations were more massive than last year. In the demonstrations, they raised slogans for the TKP/ML and Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. In Stuttgart especially a combative and united protest was witnessed, as the police attacked the ”Revolutionary 1st of May” demonstration, spraying the protesters with pepper spray.


A contingent of Partizan took part in a demonstration in London with a banner with the slogan ”Long live 1st of May and Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!”

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