The Struggle in Palestine intensifies

According to Israeli reports 937 rockets and mortars have been launched against Israel by Islamic Jihad. When we last reported on the struggle in Palestine on Wednesday, this number was 350. Of the missiles launched from Gaza only 296 were intercepted, while 761 entered Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claims to have carried out strikes against 254 targets connected to Islamic Jihad.

The offensive by Islamic Jihad started after three of their commanders were killed by air strikes part of the new Israeli campaign “Shield and Arrow”.

The Israeli air attacks is killing both combatants and civilians alike. According to the Palestinian health ministry at least 33 Palestinians, including six children, have been killed in Gaza during the last days. In addition more than 90 Palestinians have been wounded.

Continuing the terror against the people of Palestine, 66 housing units have been destroyed or left uninhabitable by the attacks of Israel. This has left 165 people homeless according to Gaza’s housing ministry.

While many of the victims of the Israeli attacks were civilians and children, we have reported that commanders and members of Islamic Jihad, the Tulkarm Brigade and Hamas were killed this month. It has later been reported that also members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Mohammed Youssef Abu Ta’miya,Alaa Maher Abu Ta’miya, Ayman Karam Saydam and Alam Samir Abdelaziz have been killed.

In a statement, the PFLP writes that they “ see all the resistance factions advancing the ranks and responding in the field”. There are several reports on failed attempts by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to divide the national liberation movement of Palestine. The attempts have been particularly directed against dividing Islamic Jihad and Hamas, who now are reported to be working “in full coordination”

Also in the West Bank the State of Israel continues applying terror against the people. On the 7th of may the elementary school in Jubbet adh-Dibg was demolished by Israeli forces, according to Al Jazeera. Villagers woken up by the sound of bulldozers before 4am rushed to the school to prevent its demolition. Fifty people were injured and one person lost an eye after being hit by a rubber bullet. Ten-year-old Omar Salah, who was a pupil at the school, said that “the soldiers came to the village and started shooting the parents and kids with bullets, tear gas and sound bombs”.

Since 2010, there have been 36 demolitions of 20 schools in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to the UN. This means that many schools were rebuild and demolished again by Israel.

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