Further actions and statement for İbrahim Kaypakkaya

Partizan continued its poster actions for the 50th anniversary of İbrahim Kaypakkaya giving his life in the Gazi district of Istanbul.

Also in the Ege, Şirintepe and Şahintepe neighborhoods of Ankara posters with the slogan ”Our liberation is revolution, our flag is İbrahim” were put up.

In Dersim, an event was organized by Partizan and Socialist Assemblies Federation (SMF). Partizan made a speech in which the role and significance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the formation of Kaypakkaya’s ideas was emphasized. The speech also highlighted how Kaypakkaya had to pay a price for the resistance, but that he paid this on the basis of his ideology, his analysis of the revolution and the enemy, and it would be narrowing down his role as a communist to only see his resistance in death. The speech went on to demand that today, Kaypakkaya’s legacy should be raised to a higher level. Also representatives from the Green Left party and Labor Party participated and commemorated Kaypakkaya.

Source: Yeni Demokrasi

One example of how the reaction still fears Kaypakkaya’s legacy is a bizarre operation carried out by the police in Çapa at the school where Kaypakkaya studied on the anniversary of the murder, 18th of May. Police formed a blockade at the school for the day and removed the students, Yeni Demokrasi reports.

Also in Tampere, Finland, activists have made a banner-drop action for Kaypakkaya. A banner with the picture of Kaypakkaya and the slogans ” İbrahim Kaypakkaya – present in struggle! Unite under Maoism!” was put up on the 18th of May and was visible for passer-byes for the whole day.

Source: Punalippu

We have also published earlier actions in Turkey and Greece.

The Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist have published a statement on the 50th anniversary of İbrahim Kaypakkaya giving his life. We publish an unofficially translated excerpt from the statement:

“The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution had now given a new impetus, a new perspective and a new ground for struggle to the red wind that enveloped the masses worldwide despite Soviet revisionism. Communist Leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA was shaped as a part of this red wind that also affected the country, created consciousness and managed to continue his brisk run in the class struggle by constantly organizing it in a way that would ensure full liberation.

[…] For Comrade KAYPAKKAYA, the class struggle and the lessons and conclusions drawn from it further revealed the need for a revolutionary party. This need created an orientation to take a step forward in theory and in the search for organization and to reveal the social and political reality. Comrade İbrahim prioritized the establishment of an advanced theoretical foundation that reveals the historical and social reality based on the class interests of the proletariat, based on its scientific worldview. It was shaped by the awareness that there can be no revolutionary practice without revolutionary theory, and that revolution cannot be realized without a party that has constant and real connections with the masses and can lead these masses.


Comrade İbrahim is a sharp sword in the ideological struggle as a whole. He understood that turning a blind eye to revisionists and opportunists, i.e. bourgeois elements, is real class collaboration. This realization was a factor that determines the process of his struggle and at the same time his formation. It is clear that this insight stems from the consciousness of class struggle formed by the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. With this approach, he gained courage, engaged with social and political reality, and succeeded in approaching problems from a class perspective.


In the 50th year of Comrade İbrahim’s murder, one side of the fact that his line preserves itself with all its strength is its scientific nature, and one side is our immortal comrades who walk in his footsteps and carry his line to the people with their blood and lives. The will walk with determination on the route he has drawn for exactly 50 years, despite defeats and setbacks, is undoubtedly also the will of our party, which defends and organizes this line.

[…] The red line of Comrade KAYPAKKAYA was sealed on the battlefields, in every field of class struggle, on this path and with this determination. Our party bears the pride, responsibility and consciousness of such an accumulated determination for 51 years, the breathless continuation of the cause based on a scientific worldview.

[…] Our party is aware of its historical responsibility to clarify the ranks in the struggle between the revolutionary and the non-revolutionary in accordance with the law of dialectics, to clarify the distinctions and to make the revolutionary-communist effective by systematizing the struggle, just as Comrade İbrahim did. Fulfilling this duty properly is possible only by being determined to adapt the power of revolutionary theory, the superior ability of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to produce solutions to contradictions and persuade, and the victory of the People’s War, which will ensure the power of the people, to concrete conditions, just as Comrade KAYPAKKAYA succeeded. This responsibility should be seen as an instruction given to us by hundreds of our immortal comrades who walked in his footsteps with determination, starting with Comrade İbrahim. Accepting this instruction and fulfilling this duty with all our strength is possible by throwing ourselves into the sea of class struggle with all our being. On the 50th anniversary of the murder of our leader, the consciousness of being worthy of him must be equipped in this way.”


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