Abstention grows in the Spanish State and social democracy deepens in its bankruptcy

On Sunday 28th May the municipal and autonomous elections took place in the Spanish State in many parts of it. Previously we have written about the electoral boycott campaign that was spread in Servir al Pueblo [Serve the People] for this elections. Now, with the results on the table, it can be affirmed that the workers’ neighborhoods and deepest and broadest masses have taken position for abstention, as the newspaper explains in their article that we attach here. This tendency has been taking place since the beginning of the elections of the Spanish State in 1979.

Moreover, the bourgeois newspapers are mainly centered in two questions: that the People’ s Party has won the election and that the participation has increased. But this is not correct, because the most “voted” continues being abstention, which mainly takes place in the worker’s neighborhoods. Servir al Pueblo explains the following:

All the front pages point at the same conclusion, what evidences that freedom of press does not exist. It is enough with reading the newspaper to identify the idea that they pretend to impose: PP is the most voted candidature in most of places (main idea in the front page) and that the election day has been marked by the increase of the participation, in several points even in lots of cities (secondary idea that is developed inside articles). This is a partial conclusion, logic, so as all the data interpretation, it is required an interpretation, and all interpretation has a class character. This interpretation favors the bourgeois, because the participation percentage is the thermometer of the bourgeois State for its legitimation in front of the masses. That is why they do so much emphasis and that is why we see all the candidates of the bourgeois, absolutely all of them without exception, rejoicing for the increase of the participation. The best example is given by Pedro Sánchez when he casted his vote in the ballot box, he declared in front of the mass media that the more people come to vote in the day of today, it is better for our institutions (bourgeois, we add) and stronger our democracy (bourgeois, we add again) will be’.

But this is a false conclusion. It is not Marxist to take that conclusion, and we would not be doing a good thing for the proletariat’s struggle for its emancipation and the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). There is an objective fact that not even with all their mediatic manipulation they can hide: of 35,414,655 of voters of the municipalities of all the Spanish State, 12,782,154 of them (36,07%) has chosen abstention and did not go to the ballon boxes. More than 12 and a half millions of people think that none of their problems will be solved depositing the vote in a ballon box. They don’t have faith in the system”

Graph with the result of the main parties compared with abstention

Moreover, social democracy has shown again its bankruptcy with a very big decrease of the votes achieved, and in their counselors, especially Unidas Podemos [United We Can] a party that is a gathering of other small parties, among them the “PCE”. In 12 Autonomous Communities where there were elections, they lost 38 seats, maintaining only 11 seats. In this situation the social democratic party has suffered the consequences of not accomplishing with the expectation of the working class, after, for example, signing the reform of the labor law that do not solve the problems of the workers or the disaster of the growth of the generalize prices.

In general, it can be seen the tendency of the growth of abstention, and that is why, as Servir al Pueblo explains, the boycott campaign will gain more importance with time. The newspaper ends saying:

This shows a big potential, a perfect place for the developing of the revolutionaries: if we lookat the last 20 years, boycott grows in the quantitative level as a slogan among the different forces of the workers movement. As the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) progresses, the campaign for the boycott will take on a larger dimension and more communists, more revolutionaries, more masses, will opt for the boycott. Let us march under the red banner of our slogan in the next general elections of July 23:

Boycott 23rd of July!

Down with the electoral farce!

Elections no! People’s War yes!

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