Ireland: Opposition against NATO

Featured image: Poster mobilizing for anti-NATO demonstration in Cork on the 20th of July. Source: Anti Imperialist Action Ireland.

This week NATO troops will be in Ireland to make an evaluation of the Engineer corps of the Irish Defence Forces. Around 130 troops will take part in the NATO assessment that will be in Cork. The evaluation has two parts with an initial evaluation this week, then the full examination will be in November.

The stated aim of the imperialists powers in the NATO is “interoperability”. This means higher subjugation of the States military, making them follow standards that enables them to more efficiently support the imperialists wars of aggression as well as occupations.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland (AIA) reports that NATO has operated openly in Ireland in the recent years, and particularly the recent months. They explain that while the State is not a member of NATO it is a so-called “NATO Partner”. This referees to countries who are not in the NATO but take part in its misnamed “Partnership for Peace” program.

AIA highlights that this NATO assessment is happening in a context where imperialist powers in the NATO occupies parts of Ireland, and the majority of Irish People are against the presence of the NATO in their country. British Imperialism occupies 6 Irish Counties, while US Imperialism occupies Shannon Airport, which they have used for several military operations.

The 19th of July the AIA published a call mobilizing for a protest in Cork on the 20th of July against the presence of the NATO troops:

Revolutionary Republicans in Cork will hold a protest against the presence of NATO troops tgis Thursday, 6.30 at Grand Parade.

If you are opposed to NATO, the US Imperialist Occupation of Shannon Airport and the ongoing British Occupation of 6 Irish Counties, then coke down and take a stand this Thursday.

NATO Get Out of Ireland!”

AIA also reports that they held an Anti NATO stall on the main road of Ballyfermot, a suburb of Dublin. They evaluate the action as a success as the local residents strongly shared their opposition against the NATO.

AIA distributing leaflets against the NATO in Ballyfermot. Source: Anti Imperialist Action.

We have previously reported on anti-imperialist protests against the visit of Biden in Dublin on the 14th of April this year. Protesters also raised slogans against the NATO, and against the possible NATO membership of the Free State.

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