Support to the revolutionaries and rebels imprisoned in France!

We publish an unofficial translation of an article published in the newspaper Servir al Pueblo.

Editorial Board of Servir al Pueblo

The French proletariat and people rose to struggle. They has always been, and since the XIXth Century and the glorious Paris Commune, the proletariat lead the class struggle. Recently, big revolts against the murder committed by the National Police against the young Nahel in the neighborhood of Nanterre (Paris) shows the revolutionary potential of the masses, it shows how powerful they are if they dare to rebel and to use violence against their oppressors. We highlight some data: the French Minister of Interior reported that the protest ended, officially, with 808 injured policemen, 269 attacks on police stations, 1,105 buildings burned or damaged, 5,892 burned vehicles and 12,202 fires on public roads. The State quickly and strongly mobilized their forces, 45,000 police officers, and there were 3,486 people arrested over the course of 5 days.

These data are officially from the State, so they are incomplete and for sure there will be more. But it gives us an idea about the dimension of the protests, exemplifying how the French proletariat and people are willing to combat the repression of the old State. One more time, the data proves that the masses make history, the masses do not reject violence and, definitely, the masses clamor to be lead. A giant task, but we know that the French revolutionaries will accomplish, because the class demands it.

From the Spanish State the protests have been followed closely. The rebellion of the French masses was a fact that established very clear positions: on the one hand, the ones who position themselves on the revolution’s side and the masses; on the other hand, opportunists, revisionists and reactionaries of all kind, who negate the protest and related it with illegal immigration, multicultural danger, the problem of Muslims, etc. The arguments were indicated and clear, with no doubts that any “revolutionary” that uses these arguments, is just a reactionary. And this was seen with PML(RC) [Translator’s note: Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction)] and their mass organizations, whose from revisionist Hoxhaist turned into fascist, reactionary, electoralist trash that they are today, condemning the mass struggle, criminalizing Nahel himself and justifying the police violence. We have a clear opinion: the violence is not bad in itself, neither to burn libraries is good or bad, as the reactionaries complain, now converted into defenders of the culture (but only the bourgeois culture and its institutional buildings). There are two types of violence: the violence against the people and the one that the people exercise. We assume the position It is right to rebel!, that Chairman Mao bequeath us:

Marxism consist of thousands of truths, but they all boil down to the one sentence: «It is right to rebel!«. For thousands of years it had been said that it was right to oppress, it was right to exploit and it was wrong to rebel. This old verdict was only reversed with the appearance of Marxism. This is a great contribution. It was through struggle that the proletariat learned this truth, and Marx drew the conclusion. And from this truth there follows resistance, struggle’ the fight for socialism.”

Not just the revolts against the murder of Nahel: the movement against the pension-reform, the struggles on the First of May … France is a powder keg and its people is tired of disgrace and oppression. Facing this struggle, there were at least 3,486 detained people. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all charges against revolutionaries and the masses that rebelled against police violence. From Servir al Pueblo (Serving the People) we greet the French proletariat and people, sending a strong internationalist proletariat greet under the screaming: On a raison de se révolter!

It is right to rebel!

Support the revolutionaries and rebels imprisoned in France!

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