Israel Attacks Again the Palestinian National Liberation Movement

Featured image: Funeral of 17-year-old Othman Abu Khuroj murdered in occupied West Bank by the Israeli Army. Source: Al Jazeera

The Israeli attacks against Palestine continue. Attacks like this are every time more frequent since the increase of the counter-attacks of the Palestinian National Liberation groups against Israeli settlers. Since some years ago, an increase of the violence of settlers against Palestinians in West Bank has been recorded. In addition to the murders of Palestinians by settlers, as Qusai Maatan case this month, this settlers has done sabotage and destruction operations of the properties and farms of the Palestinian people. Later, the Israeli government takes advantage and grabs more Palestinian land, as the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’TSELEM) informed. Nowadays, there are more than 751,000 settlers living in occupied West Bank. You can read previous articles here.

On Monday 19th August, an illegal Israeli settler died after an operation of the National Liberation Movement. Quickly, the leaders of the settlers in West Bank demanded the reactionary Government of Netanyahu “to act immediately and resounding to end Palestinian terrorism”. Next day, on Tuesday 22nd August, the Israeli Army did a raid in which 50 Palestinians were imprisoned and one was murdered. The official reason for this raid is the arrest of two people allegedly involved in the attack against the illegal settlers.

The Israeli Army arrested one of the alleged in his house. But during the confrontations several Palestinian youth try to repel the soldiers. For this reason, the Army shot Othman Abu Khuroj two times, killing him instantly. Later, al-Quds Brigades confirmed that Kuroj was part of the brigades.

According to Palestinian Prisoners Club affirmed in a statement: “This campaign of arrests is considered one of the largest since the beginning of the year (…) systematic abuse, severe beatings of detainees and their families, threats, and vandalism”. They also added that the majority of the arrested have been previously imprisoned in Israeli jails, proving that the detentions have no other reason rather than to harass the political groups for the national liberation of Palestine. According to the UN, more than 200 Palestinians has been murdered throughout 2023, being the year with a major quantity of victims registered since 2005, with the Second Intifada.

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