Mexico: The political scenario towards 2024

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published on Periódico Mural found here on the presidential elections in 2024.

The following analysis of the national situation on the upcoming elections has arrived to our email. We believe it is important to spread this article, that the comrades of the Cultural and Scientific Studies Center for the Proletarian Revolution have sent to us.

The dispute among the factions of the big bourgeoisie due to 2024 presidential election grows. The clash among its representatives must be understood, mainly, as the reflection of the inter-bourgeois contradictions that dispute the government of the old State. And this clash is shown not only between the coalitions, but even within them, as the Morenist dispute shows us.

While it is true that the definitions of both the arch-reactionary Broad Front for México and the self-proclaimed “fourth transformation” surprise no one, it is important to understand how both, the comprador and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie maintain a tight corporative control of their political platforms. They maintain this control putting their own lackeys in the positions of power within de parties. They do not represent any moral authority, but rather a political ruling.

On the FAM side, Xóchitl Gálvez was the winner in the PAN-PRI-PRD, and as AMLO had already anticipated, she was going to be imposed as the candidate of Claudio X. and the reaction.

On the side of the 4T, Claudia Sheinbaum was elected as the chief of MORENA-PT-PVEM, and, as was already obvious, due to the waste of propaganda, resources and presidential support, she was imposed as the candidate of the Obadorist officialism.

Clearly there is no fundamental difference in terms of the political projects of the nation between both coalitions or between both candidates. The first represents the comprador bourgeoisie; the second represents the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. Both have technocratic goals, both also share links with imperialism, mainly Yankee. And of course both guarantee the continuity of imperialism’s reactionary plan to reinforce bureaucratic capitalism by imposing mega-projects of loot and death, making the corporativization and militarization of the State, and drown in blood and fire the rebellion of the masses that, however, is unstoppable.

In the upcoming days we will see the disbands and the changes of the defeated ones within both coalitions and the final definition of the right-wing Citizen Movement (also agents of the big bourgeoisie). This is how the shameless race to buy consciences and votes will begin, taking advantage of the ruin, unemployment, hunger and violence that the parasites have created. Such is the political scenario towards 2024!

It is a vicious and overwhelming circle. The FAM will say “Mexico must change” and the 4T will say “the transformation must continue”. The MC without anything concrete to contribute will be obtaining candidates, votes and imprudent people, in addition to not losing his necessary votes to do not lose its right to present candidates in the next elections. They are all equal, regardless of gender or franchise! The interests of the ruling classes unites them!

The truth is that the 2024 elections will take place in a context of war against the people, which cannot continue to be hidden. Everywhere reactionary violence confirms the collusion between the armed forces and the warlords, but the main victims: the dead and missing people, are from the people.

Democrats and revolutionaries must work the joint route that allows us to agitate among the masses the need of an organized and active boycott against the electoral farce. This, due to its objectives, must be a boycott that not only reflects the tiredness of the masses, but fundamentally allows them to elevate their types of organization.

The people of Mexico have the right to see that where the parties who only cares about the number of votes build their bases, the big landlords and the big bourgeois impose their fierce dictatorship with unprecedented violence in their holy alliance with the warlords and the organized crime.

The assembly decisions of dozens of towns and communities in States such as Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas to not allow the installation of polling boxes and the refusal of the interference of electoral parties in their territories is a just decision that allows us to understand the distrust of the masses towards the electoral system. But also the class consciousness among the working people who trust in their own strength and their ability to give birth to the New Power. We must continue expelling the parties that are only concerned about the votes from our communities and our neighborhoods!

Today, this type of organization and community struggles need to gather their efforts into a joint unitary process that guarantees the economic, political and military independency of the people from the old State, making these germs of popular power the immediate reference of the tasks to be accomplished for the New Democracy Revolution that poor people of Mexico demands.

The people’s path must be: self-determination, self-government and self-defense, as the three fundamental criteria for the liberation of territories and the exercise of the New Power. In the words of the communist David Alfaro Siqueiros: There is no other path than ours!

Elections are not the solution, the solution is the Revolution!

Don’t vote, organize and struggle!

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