New attacks against Palestine and the resistance from the people

Featured image: Weekly march against the Palestine occupation. Source: IMEMC

During September the genocidal State of Israel has continued its policy of attacks and harassment against the Palestinian people. We have previously reported on the repression against Palestine in previous articles. Only during the month of September, it was reported at least 84 abductions by the Israel Defense Forces [IDF]. This abductions took place in all the Palestinian territory, including Jenin, Ramallah, Gaza and Jerusalem, among others. In one of the biggest operations, the IDF abducted 17 people, including two teenagers among them. In others abduction operations it was reported attacks with rubbed bullets, tear gas and hand grenades fired by Israeli forces at those who resisted their military incursion.

On 1st of September the Israeli forces attacked the weekly March against the colonization that Israel tries to carry out. This March takes places since 2003. IDF fired live munition and shoot seven Palestinians and injured dozens of others due to gas intoxication in the northwest part of the occupied West Bank. That same day, Israeli forces killed a 36-year-old man and wounded other three during a military assault in the city of Aqaba, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Fighters from the National Liberation Movement fiercely resisted the invasion with exchanging of fire with the IDF.

Days after, on September 4th, Israel started again attacking the Jenin refugee camp. That day, at least 40 military vehicles and bulldozers entered into the refugee camp while drones and helicopters flew in the air. IDF used a high-precision suicide drone to attack armed fighters of the National Liberation Movement. Also there were seven people shot and three abducted.

Source: QNN

It is not coincidence that Jenin’s refugee camp is one of the most attacked by Israeli State. On July, it resisted one of the biggest military incursion since the Second Intifada in 2005. In that refugee camp, there is a concentration of armed groups that has increased the armed resistance during past years. This resistance groups has done several actions through the occupied territory of Palestine. On 12th September, Tulkarm Brigade claimed the Israeli checkpoint attack as own. The National Liberation group stated that this is the consequence of the raids and arrests across the occupied West Bank.

Armed groups of the National Liberation Movement have done military exercises in Gaza Strip. The fighters destroyed designated targets in the sea and did exercises of simulating assaults in the 18th anniversary of the Israel withdrawal in Gaza Strip on 12th September. Also that same day, two Israeli settlers were injured, one of them critically due to an operation of the National Liberation Struggle in near the city of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank. The bourgeois press attacks the Palestinian resistance groups due to the violence against the settlers, but it emerges as the consequences of years of exploitation against the people of Palestine. After other an attack on 6th of September, when a 17-year-old attacked two settlers. The spokesperson of a national liberation group stated that this is a “natural response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation, in light of the incursions to al-Aqsa Mosque compound and its people, the demolition of homes, a displacement war, and attacks on freedom and education.”

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