The repression from the Ethiopian State continues in Amhara. Imperialist powers support the government of Abiy Ahmed

Featured image: map of Amhara, including its place within the Ethiopian State. Source: web Researchgate.

The Ethiopian State has continued these weeks with its repressive policy against the Amhara people. Since the beginning of this month there were new massacres, a constant attempt to silence what is happening in Amhara, and also there were new arrests. The conflict has been in active since May of 2022. We have previously reported on this question.

The wave of arrests of possible opponents or members of the people from Amhara continues by the Ethiopian State. Organizations in defense of the so-called “human rights” have denounced that these arrests are entirely arbitrary and do not have a real foundation to be carried out. Recently, images of detainees for detainees from Amhara were leaked in various points of Ethiopia. The detainees are in terrible conditions of abuse and mistreating. The Ethiopian State has first denied the information, and then admitted that there are fields of prisoners at various points of the country.

Amhara man detained in a prisoners camp. Source: website Mereja.

The Ethiopian State tries to hide this type of information. From the beginning of the conflict, a ban of Internet access was established, which is maintained nowadays. Multiple organizations and activists have denounced this ban. In addition, at least three cuts of Internet were made by the Ethiopian State during this year, and also did this previously, during the Tigray War and during previous conflicts. Also are usual the arrests of journalists who denounce the atrocities committed by the government of Abiy Ahmed. And in fact, it is also very common the arrest of journalists from Amhara. From the beginning of the conflict numerous journalists have been arrested under the accusation of “promoting terrorism”.

Other recent crimes of the Ethiopian State against the Amhara people were also known: massacres made by the State troops against the masses. One of them has been in the town of Majete, where more than 70 unarmed peasants have been killed. In addition, the troops of the Ethiopian State have looted the cattle, the grain harvested and all the properties that have been able to loot.

These types of atrocities by the Ethiopian State are not new, and in fact the people of Amhara denounces that the Ethiopian ruling classes submit them to “a persecution and constant systematic massacres”, with multiple massacres committed since the arrival to the government of Abiy Ahmed. For example, last year there were several massacres in Oromia in which hundreds of civilians were killed, thousands of them fled, and numerous villages and towns were burned. In many cases the State has condemned these massacres and claimed that were perpetrated by militias. But some journalists and activists denounce that it is the Ethiopian State itself who commits these massacres.

After all these developments, organizations such as the UN have denounced these serious tortures, arrests, etc. Also other international organizations such as the European Union have also condemned these facts and shown their alleged concerns about it. Yankee imperialism has also expressed its “rejection” to these facts and keeps a series of economic sanctions on Ethiopia since the end of 2022. But the reality is that these sanctions are minor.

There are many statements and many alleged “concerns” regarding the violations of the so-called “human rights”. But behind this mask, the Imperialists continue to plunder Ethiopia and backing the country’s ruling classes. At the beginning of the year 2022 Yankee imperialism denounced the atrocities committed in the Tigray War, including those committed by the Government. But at the same time exported more than 10 billion dollars for economic projects in the Ethiopian region of Oromia. On the other hand, international financial organizations controlled by Yankee imperialism have lent huge amounts of money in recent years to the Ethiopian government, supporting it financially. This is the case of the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund. Even with the atrocities already initiated in Amhara, these organizations of Yankee imperialism continue to support the Ethiopian government.

The recent crimes committed by the Government of the Nobel Peace Prize, Abiy Ahmed, are not an obstacle for imperialism to continue signing agreements with the Ethiopian State. In the past weeks, the British imperialism and Dutch imperialism also have approved to continue strengthening the Ethiopian financial system with new investments. Norwegian imperialism and Australian imperialism have also expressed their friendship with the Ethiopian government and their desires to continue investing and going deeper in their relations with Ethiopia.

For all this, imperialism is being shown again as the protagonist in the atrocities committed in the semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries.

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