Ecuador: Class solidarity with the comrade Joaquin Chaluisa

We publish an unofficial translation of the article in solidarity with Joaquin Chaluisa by the Defense Front of Struggles of the People of Ecuador found on their webpage.

Typical of the petite bourgeoisie, of thieves, of criminals, of those who have dark relationships and sell their soul to the devil. They come out to shout and point with their arms: thief!, thief!, that’s where he ran!, distracting the victims while they consummate their crime and make their safe retreat. A group of opportunistic and corrupt “union leaders” have launched a reckless defamation campaign against comrade Joaquín Chaluisa, historical leader of the FETSAPI [Translator’s note: Federación de Trabajadores de la Salud de Pichincha, regional trade union of health workers] and OSUNTAMSA [Translator’s note: Organización Sindical Única Nacional del Ministerio de Salud, national trade union of health workers] , accusing him of “collecting money for managing payments for retirements” the fact is the comrade has no ties to the Front of Retirees to whom they refer.

This type of behavior by opportunist does not surprise us. It is not new, they always try to generate “negative image” of their opponents to try to neutralized them politically. The weapon? The discredit! The channel? Social media and leaflets. The mechanisms of action? Malicious “to throw the stone and hide the hand”.

But, who is behind this lie?

Rosario Delgado. Who is the “leader” of Retirees of the Health Ministry. Yes, precisely that “leader” who has never given a detailed report on the management of the Retirees’ dues funds. As if that were not enough, she has several accusations against her for having received money to accelerate the payment of the retirement bonus of hundreds of workers whose amounts reach tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to say that many colleagues who do not “pay” for the services of this “leader” have to wait months and even years to receive their bonus, demonstrating, in this way, that this woman has constituted an entire network of corruption with complicity of other people not related to the retirees. Obviously, she throws the stone, hides her hand, it’s the strategy.

Edwin Reinoso. Another opportunist and miserable one that neither explained the funds on the SITSAPI’s founds while he was its general secretary. He also do not explain the vast funds given to fix the problems in SRI. His resentment lies in the fact that, without fulfilling his tasks, he wants to be reclassified as a Maintenance Technician.

Bolívar Salazar. The miserable one who achieved the leadership of OSUNTRAMSA with the complicity of the Lenin Moreno’s government for two years, until now, he does not make any explanation on the 500.000 dollars expended without reporting a single benefit for health workers.

Two years and he was unable to sign the Collective Bargaining Agreement, he did not present a single act, but, viva la fiesta! The fun and influence trafficking to the detriment not only of the workers, but also of the Ministry of Health.

Obviously, these opportunists have the support of the well-known opportunist and ex-leader of OSUNTRAMSA, Luis Masón; the servile dog of the revisionism and the governments. From the darkness he spurs this type of acts against Joaquín Chaluisa, because he always felt small, as a nobody ideological line that has been imposed among the health workers who precisely impeds them from do whatever they want, not only with the resources of the workers, but also with their dynamics and political will.

It is important to point out that this combo of opportunists has always been against the political line that Joaquín has been raising within the OSUNTRAMSA since the origins of the union. At the same time, they have been protagonists in manipulating electoral processes to put the organization of the workers at the service of tremendously reactionary governments, especially Moreno and Lasso.

Why do they act in this way? Just because they thought they could once again disrespect the will of 19,000 workers with legal tricks and the support of criminals who are at the service of the Lasso government, to once again take the OSUNTRAMSA directive; but no, the determined action of comrade Joaquín Chaluisa, of the current leaders of OSUMTRANSA and the mobilization of the workers, prevented this robbery.

They feel frustrated, they were cut off from the possibility of continuing with their feast and, most seriously, from putting the OSUNTRAMSA at the service of the reaction and the government.

If this band of miserable people, opportunists and criminals dare to launch these unfounded and reckless accusations, it is because Joaquín Chaluisa and the current leaders of OSUNTRTAMSA have done well, correctly. They recovered the union kidnapped by the government and from the filthy hands of Salazar and Ortega. That was done because they were hurt, and like wounded hyenas, from anonymity or from their political lairs they want to attack historical leaders trying to delegitimize their presence in the OSUMTRANSA, who takes the political leadership of the union.

Chairman Mao said well, “It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work” is precisely what happens in this case. The enemies of the class, of the organization, of the union, of honest and fighting leaders like Joaquín Chaluisa, are targets of the revisionists and opportunists.

The Defense Front of Struggles of the People of Ecuador, declares its TOTAL SUPPORT FOR HOW COMRADE JOAQUIN CHALUISA AND THE CURRENT LEADERSHIP OF THE OSUNTRAMSA HAVE ACTED. Furthermore, WE CONDEMN these opportunist rats: Rosario Delgado, Edwin Reinoso Bolívar Salazar and Luis Mason, servile dogs of the bosses and the governments in power, lately servile to the disastrous governance of Guillermo Lasso.

Don’t believe that they are going to throw the stone and then hide their hand; The workers are not going to turn the “other cheek”, we are going to unmask them, we are going to stone them politically and send them to the trash, to the most purulent drain in the history of national unionism.


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