Mexico: Extracts of Breves Iniciando la Semana

Featured Image: Communitarian Police. Source: Sol Rojo

We publish an unofficial translation of the Mexican events of the weekly article of Sol Rojo [Breves Iniciando la Semana] published on their webpage.

While the big bourgeoisie focus their attention in the general elections of 2024, the popular masses continue to suffer the sharpening of the war against the people. An example is the increasing aggressions against comrades of the Indigenous and Popular Council of Guerrero Emilio Zapata [Translator’s note: Concejo Indígena y Popular de Guerrero Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ)], which some weeks ago made public the murder of the comrade Esteban Xochitempa Tepexco an his son Juan Xochitempa Macario on 13th of August, and the detention and disappearance of the comrades Nicolás Rodríguez Díaz, Marcelino Hernández Tecorral and Ángel Villalba Salvador, on 17th of August. Another similar data is the recent bomb-dropping attack with a drone in La Ruana, where commoners leaded by Guadalupe Mora (brother of the recently murdered Hipólito Mora) were meeting. When he was making a speech on the direction that the struggle must take after the self-defense demobilization and the murder of his brother, explosives were drop on the square were the community was meeting. In the same way in Oaxaca, in the community of Eloxochitlán of Flores Magón, some drones have been flying over the homes inhabited by the Committee of Women Self-Defense [Translator’s note: Comité de Mujeres Autodefensas], which is part of the just struggle for the freedom of political prisoners of this community. According to the accusation of the comrades, on past 2nd of September a black-colored was seen drone over two homes in the Escopeta Neighborhood. Finally, on past 10th of September in Hermosilla, Sonara, the Seeking Mothers Collective [Translator’s note: Colectivo Madres Buscadoras] was fired upon with bullets by armed comando while the comrades were doing activities of seeking their disappeared sons and families. The mothers received and anonymous call on a clandestine commune grave, when they arrived they were received with bullets from firearms. It must be added to this aggressions, the criminalization, lynching, media siege and persecution against the activist and democratic organizations in several parts of the country. The environment in the streets and countryside of Mexico is really different from the one described in the mañaneras [Translator’s note: Manuel Lopez Obrador’s online daily press conference]. The struggle between the bourgeois factions and coalitions is temporary, their common interest lead them to oppress together the people. The reactionary violence is daily, the collusion of interests among the army, the marine, the police and the armed criminal groups is obvious. The federal elections announces an even more violence and more repression against the people. It is a mistake to believe in the bourgeois electoral farce. It is right to rebel!

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